7 Interesting Types of Seeds In Life – Part 7

7 Interesting Types of Seeds In Life – Part 6
October 24, 2018
Doing Change The Right Way in Purpose Pursuit
November 12, 2018

7 Interesting Types of Seeds In Life – Part 7


or the sake of consistency, let us briefly revisit what seeds are. In the recent articles, we saw how important a seed is in the pursuit of purpose. We have included a different dimension in defining what a seed is. As such, the mentality that we do have is critical in knowing whether we are to look for seeds or for fruits. Seeds are the conduit through which we can get the fruits of our desires and ambitions. As such seeds can be just about anything that you can use, depending on your mentality. We are seen that relationships, ideas, education, yourself, the environment as well as gifts and talents are examples of seeds.


As we come to a close of this series, let us look at how important work is as a seed. There is a school of thought out there that work is an arduous, necessary evil. Even in some instances, there is the notion that work is some form of punishment from God. Nothing can be further from the truth. Work is God’s beautiful design and the message of seeds is firmly embedded in it. God loves seeds so much so that that he allows the process of work to bring the seeds to maturity.

Wrong Work Mentality

Many people are dreaming of the day that they will stop working. That is a mentality that does not understand that work is a blessing in the first place. If you think that work is punishment, something that you have to do, then the following are some of the things that will follow you

  1. You are likely not to bring your A game to work
  2. You are likely not to become innovative
  3. You are likely not to be fulfilled in life
  4. You are more likely to be looking for comfort instead of work
  5. Your self worth is deemed to suffer much.

In his book about “Overcoming Crisis“, Myles Munroe tells of research findings that show that many people have heart attacks on Monday’s in America. What do you think is the result of this? It is the clear in-distinction between work and a job. It is the warped mentality that work is something imposed to us by God when we sinned. Again, nothing can be further from the truth.

What Of Comfort?

People are looking for comfort instead of work because they think work is a curse. There is nothing as punishing and as frustrating as having comfort that you have not earned. The very nature of man, the very essence of our being is structured to value work, effort, growth and creation. We are co-creators with God if you will. In other words, God put everything we ever could have accomplished in seeds and it is work that brings those things to fruition. The comfort we are looking for, God calls it “rest”. Why would you want to rest if you have not worked?

Where To Find Work

First off, I would advice you to get Dr. Myles Munroe’s book on Overcoming Crisis and study it. You will learn quite a lot including the great distinction between work and a job. Today, perhaps the greatest crisis we have is a crisis of employment that cuts across the whole world. I have always said that if you look at employment from a “jobs” angle, you are likely to miss very many opportunities. Much as “there are no jobs”, the truth of the matters is that there are countless opportunities to work.

1. Your Gifts and Talents

Why do you think  you are gifted with the talent of speaking? You think it is for fun? Why do you think you have a gift a talent for organizing, or for cooking, or for connecting people, or for creation of things? Hint: That is most likely where your work is. The most frustrating thing today is to find a gifted person on the trail hunting for a job while all the time their gifts and talents lay dormant. Work on your gifts and talents is like seeds germinating. Neglecting your gifts and talents won’t give you work, which won’t be seeds enough to turn your life around.

2. What You Are Passionate About

Every time I hear about people getting oppressed, every time I am told of the plight of the helpless, I get livid. I get angry. I get mad! All of us have those two emotions. We have anger for the oppressor (whoever it may be), and we have love for the oppressed. Why do you think we have those two emotions? Hint: That is where your work is. You see, we have to distinguish between toil and work. [ictt-tweet-inline]Toiling is like a punishment, the reward for which is a morsel of food. Work is like an act of liberation that not only fulfills you but also blesses others through your passion. [/ictt-tweet-inline]The most successful business in the world has those two components: Compassion and Love. You can take that to the bank.

3.  Your Calling or Purpose

In her Book, The Conscious EntrepreneurLaura Cannon says the following:

”As human beings we have the ability to do many great things in this world, but perhaps the most amazing is the ability to identify and pursue our own unique calling”

I couldn’t have said it better. The seeds of work are firmly connected to your calling of your purpose. As a matter of fact, the two points shared above are only a pre-cursor of what your purpose is. If you find your purpose and make it your work, you are a revolutionary, because I believe God created all of us to be revolutionaries, not to be ordinary.

4. Where There Are Problems

Ever caught yourself saying, “Someone has to do something about this”? I have. Seven years ago, I kept telling my teams that someone ought to build a website that is now Life Signatures. I realized shortly after that that someone was me. If you can identify a problem, whether you have the capacity to solve it or not, it is an indication that that is where your seeds of work are. It would do you good to be a solution provider than a complainer of how bad things are.

All in all, I believe that work is one of the greatest of seeds that God ever blessed us with. I believe that work is a seed that helps us to bring to the fore great things. It helps us to transform not just ourselves, but the world itself. And that is what God wants for us. So my question today is this: What are you working on? Look at it as seeds.