7 Interesting Types of Seeds In Life – Part 3

7 Interesting Types of Seeds In Life – Part 2
October 18, 2018
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October 20, 2018

7 Interesting Types of Seeds In Life – Part 3


mack in the middle of the concept of seeds is ideas. In the month of October, we remember slain president of Burkina Faso (Nation of the Upright man as he renamed it), Thomas Sankara. He is credited to have echoed these words about ideas, “You can kill me but you can never kill ideas”. That’s my paraphrase of course. It is true. One of the most potent, most powerful things on the face of the earth is ideas. Why? Because ideas are seeds.

The Power of Ideas

Left to germinate, ideas are able to revolutionize lives. [ictt-tweet-inline]We continue to advance to the degree that we leverage the seeds that are found hidden in ideas. [/ictt-tweet-inline]God’s very own Kingdom flourishes day by day because of leveraging on ideas. The same applies to the kingdom of darkness. Power is not necessarily something physical or tangible. It is more or less, an idea. That is the potent power of seeds.

  • We build great bridges because it occurred to us, that it was possible. The idea, or the concept was first of all a seed.
  • Life Signatures was once an idea. If you wanted to know how this idea of Life Signatures developed, you can tune into my Podcast and listen to Episode 1. The point is that it was once an idea. A mere seed.The interesting thing is that I could have as well not even pursued it when it did occur to me. Further, an interesting thing about Life Signatures is that it has not yet even begun to mature and yield much needed fruit.

Ideas are Linked to Purpose

All you see around you was once an idea. Ideas as seeds around us can either be used to build or to destroy. In fact, nothing happens unless there is the seed of an idea. That is why I do  not believe that the world came to be as a result of the big bang. That’s total hogwash. The interesting thing about ideas is that they are connected to purpose. Ideas are not arbitrary. They happen or they are made manifest because there is a will and there is a purpose for their occurrence. The will and the purpose both belonging to the creator cultivate an environment through which the seeds of ideas can thrive.

What Are Your Ideas?

Now, the biggest misconception about the seeds of ideas is that some people think that ideas are a reserve of intelligent people. Further, people think that ideas are a constituent of formal education, that if you lack formal education, then you lack ideas. I am here to dispute that. There are several areas where ideas come from:

1. Instinct

I have previously written about this powerful topic. An instinct is one of the basic make up that evolution can never dare to explain. I am talking about that inner voice, that unexplained hunch that you have over something. I am talking about that inner spirit whose voice cannot be quantified or validated by numbers. Great entrepreneurs will tell you about instincts. They will tell you about that inner feeling. Learning to trust our instincts will be a great way to leverage the seeds of life that we are offered. Unfortunately, we have learnt to tune of the voice of instinct and focus on “reality” and “evidence”. But I can tell you this, there are great seeds that you can use in your life if you followed your instincts more often than not.

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2. Purpose

Like we have already mentioned, the seeds of ideas do not come to us because we have formal education. That is not the reserve of ideas. However, if someone has purpose or is aware of what their purpose in life if, they will always have ideas related to that purpose bubbling inside their head. This goes without saying. It is interesting that the ideas that I have had in my life thus far relate to books, book titles, training manuals, conferences, seminars, social media platforms and all. Ideas revolve around me mostly on the area of my gifting or the area of my purpose. So I will tell you this: If you are looking to leverage on the seeds of ideas, look no further than what your purpose is.

3. Inspiration

Inspiration is something very interesting. It never can be scheduled. I know that at times I schedule the hours that I have to listen to something motivational and inspirational. However, I am talking about a powerful yet benign idea that comes to you in form of seeds during an inspirational moment. This moment is almost always at the time when you are in flow, when you are relaxed. At times you get the flow or the inspiration from your environment. That is why it is important to notice what is in your vicinity and to vet who lives around you, I kid you not. If you stay around entrepreneurs, there is a chance that what they do might rub off of you. All in all, it is absolutely important to realize that inspiration is a must, because it has a potential of releasing seeds that you can use in your life.

4. Passion

Passion and purpose are connected. However, I am talking about a feeling. At times, passion is an emotional surge of attachment that is governed by two thing: Compassion and anger. Compassion for those that you are called to help, and rage for those that are mistreating them. Seeds of ideas gravitate around people with passion. If you ever saw someone who lacks passion, it is safe to also assume that they will lack ideas. To harvest the seeds of ideas it is very critical to be alert at a moment that you feel the passion. Why? Because that feeling never lasts. It is fleeting and yet the seeds that it leaves you with can alter generations. Note those ideas down and act on them immediately.

5. Motion

Finally, ideas are always babies of other ideas. In other words, when you are in motion, when you are working, your mind is a fertile ground for great ideas. Each day a person who is working on something has at least three or so ideas that could make them a fortune. This is regardless of their background in education or social status. I know this for a fact: A working person (whether they are being paid or not) has a mind that is fertile for the seeds of ideas to thrive. The only problem is that we have not learnt to harvest these ideas and patiently execute them.

I will leave you with this question: What ideas have you harvested that you are actively working with? They are seeds. Remember seeds are powerful.