7 Interesting Types of Seeds In Life – Part 2

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October 17, 2018
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October 20, 2018

7 Interesting Types of Seeds In Life – Part 2


he seed for a fish to flourish is water. The seed for a bird to flourish is the expanse. The seed for a human to prosper is his environment. We all are aware that the universe is not just composed of our sun and its planets. We all understand that the sun is part of a galaxy called the Milky Way. We understand too that there are millions upon millions of galaxies out there (and someone said that there is no God, but I digress). We understand that in the solar system, which is part of the milky way, the only conducive environment for man to live and thrive is the earth. Sounds so obvious, right? And yet it’s not.

Explaining The Seeds Principle

So far, we are discussing two mentalities. We are discussing the mentality of consumerism and the mentality of production. It is important to note that a seeds mentality is a mentality that seeks to be productive. Therefore, when I say that the environment in which you and I live is a seed, I am talking about the mentality of productivity, in using the environment to produce more than is already available.

That is why in the previous article, we saw that you are a seed. You are meant not only to reproduce after your own kind, but you are a seed because using yourself, you can produce more than is already existing. I wish you could see it from that angle. You see, a seed has potency in it. Put in the right environment, that seed gives birth to more seeds and so on and so forth.

How Do You See Your Environment?

Consider the surface of Venus for example. It is made up of Carbon Dioxide and the dominant gas. It’s so hot that it can melt steel within seconds. You and I do not live on Venus, but on earth. However, let’s ask ourselves this question: How do we treat our environment? Do we treat it as a seed or as . Would a farmer in their right mind for example dump acid on their farm? Would they allow soil erosion to take place on their watch? The farmer would on the contrary take care, great care at that, of his farm knowing that it is his asset, his “seed” so to speak. On the same token, how have we treated our “environments”? Have we seen our different environments as our seeds?

Demystifying The “Environment”

Contrary to popular belief, your environment is not your destiny necessarily. If you were born in a poor environment, it doesn’t have to be the same place you leave when your time comes to exit this world. In other words, you are not supposed to leave your “environment” the same way you found it. you are supposed to turn it “cultivate” it and make it better. The “Environment” I am talking about is composed of the following:

  • Natural Resources: 

When Winston Churchill once visited Uganda, he asked his people to focus on that country. He said that it is the Pearl of Africa because for one, vegetation grows even without effort. When we talk natural resources, at times people automatically start thinking of the gold fields of South Africa and the oil fields of Iran and Iraq. It is easy to negate the fact that around you there are natural resources that you can see as a seed to use to make life around you better. When you see people dumping plastic bottles out of their cars on the road, you know that they do not know that the environment is a seed.

  • Man Made Resources

Around you there are things that are seeds. Things that are created by man. Structures, gadgets, tools, equipment, vehicles and so on. Your bed is a seed. Please do not laugh. So is your chair. So is your phone or your laptop or desktop. Once again, I have to remind you that your mindset from the onset is the critical thing here on identifying what your seeds are. [ictt-tweet-inline]If your mindset identifies your laptop as a seed, chances are that you will use it for production and not for consumption.[/ictt-tweet-inline] The same applies with your phone or your car or your TV

Essentially, the purpose of the thins we have in our environments is not necessary for comfort alone. People go at great lengths to acquire things that do not have the capacity to be used for production. Now, do not get me wrong, there is a place for comfort, and even that comfort is indirectly a seed. You need some level of comfort and relaxation so you can recover and be productive again.

We shall continue with this in the next article. Stay tuned.