7 Interesting Types of Seeds In Life – Part 1

What if We All Had A Seeds Mentality?
October 16, 2018
7 Interesting Types of Seeds In Life – Part 2
October 18, 2018

7 Interesting Types of Seeds In Life – Part 1


ook around you and tell me: is there anything living that is not a result of a seed? Even the non living things around you can be determined to be seeds by your application and mentality. In other words, the world that we live in today is strongly connected to the concept of seeds. When these seeds are sown, they give back more than they were initially and so propagate life. There are different types of seeds that we can talk about. However, you and I need to be certain that we are having the correct approach and mindset to the message of seeds. Purpose, productivity and resilience are aspects that are brought about by the concept of seeds.

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The Power of Seeds

The nature of creation is that life will always be propagated by seeds. What we need to understand is that there is the biological function or outlook about seeds, but there is also another application about seeds. This application of seeds is from the perspective not of biology but of production. It is not from the perspective of re-production, but from the perspective of creativity. If your mindset and mine were tuned to the fact that we can take whatever is in our vicinity or environment apply it to a process and produce or create something, then our abundance mentality will come to the fore.

Different Types of Seeds

There are different types of seeds that we can talk about, but today we shall talk about just one. I believe that we can classify all the types of seeds in our vicinity into just 7. That is one interesting thing about potent ideas. They are not so many. For example, the so called success secrets are not that many. They are just a few. So the same thing is true about the message of seeds. There are not so many classes of seeds out there, I believe there are just seven. Let’s get started.

1.  Yourself

You are a seed. To the One who created you, you are a seed. Now, that might sound super-spiritual but it is the truth. What is a seed? In the most basic definition, a seed is the nucleus of life, something that reproduces after its own kind. It is one thing to be seen as a seed by the Creator, and it is quite another to see yourself as a seed. Honestly speaking, have you ever considered yourself to be a seed? I know some people might be saying that “I am a fruit”, or “I am a tree”. Well those could be technically true but there will be no fruit and there will be no tree if there was no seed. It just goes without saying.

The question therefore is: What typifies me as a seed? What ought I to do in order to cultivate myself as a seed?

a) Your Purpose

I will always say it over and over again. You are here on earth for a specific purpose. That purpose is much bigger than you and that is why you ought to look at yourself as a seed. Whenever you see yourself as needed, as someone who must contribute in order to impact the universe, your outlook of your existence here on earth changes drastically. You are no longer a free loader, just appearing on earth to occupy space above it, die and occupy space beneath it. When you discover first that you have a purpose and second you discover the purpose itself, it will make great sense to you that you are a seed.

b) Your Health

If at all you have purpose here on earth, then it follows that you have to be in top most condition. A story is told of a farmer who always won a healthy crop. He was asked what his secret was. He said that he give his neighbors his best seeds so that when pollination takes place, his crops do not get inferior seeds. The quality of a seed determines the quality of the harvest. Your health is integral to the purpose that you are to serve here on earth.  The following therefore are important aspects of your life that have to stay healthy.

  • Your Body

You already know what is needed here. You need health in your body. You need enough sleep. It has been reported that people who do not sleep well are less creative and will eventually become destructive. You need to cherish sleep and rest so as to keep that “seed” that you are in a top notch condition for optimal performance. You know that seeds grow better when they are healthy and so if you understand that you are a seed, you will want to keep your body as healthy as possible. Exercise, relax, drink water rest, vacation and so on.

  • Your Mind

The mind is an incredible engine. Did you know that where the mind goes the body follows? I know that there is a strong connection between the body and the mind but ultimately, the mind will lead the body most of the time. Even in situations where the body has conditioned itself to lead the mind, it is the mind that made the body to get conditioned in the first place. Therefore, it is important for you to watch over your mind strictly. What things are you letting in? What things are you consciously allowing? What kind of self talk are you having? What kind of meditations are you making? Do you think? Do you plan? Do you reflect?

  • Your Spirit

This is one of the most crucial parts of your life. Your spirit is basically who you are. The things you do on a daily basis have passion and a strong why connected to them. If you understand that you are part of the seeds that we have in the environment, you will want to keep your spirit as healthy as possible. A healthy spirit has answers to questions related to origin, morality, eternity and meaning. You know what your purpose is. You know what values you espouse. You know what you are passionate about.

So in conclusion, yo and I have to come to that realization that we are seeds and we need to take care of ourselves. The most interesting thing about this type of a seed is that it is a living and active seed. It is an intelligent seed. It is a seed that can plant itself, unlike all the other types of seeds that need someone else to plant them. Let’s continue with these thoughts in the next article.