6 Reasons For Disillusionment While On Purpose Pursuit – Part 3

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May 12, 2022
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May 18, 2022

6 Reasons For Disillusionment While On Purpose Pursuit – Part 3

Disillusionment is, according to the online dictionary, “A feeling of disappointment resulting from the discovery that something is not as good as one believed it to be”. The keyword for me here is “a feeling”. Feelings are fickle. They oscillate from left to right and seldom stay neutral.

The reason why we need to bother about the feelings of disillusionment with our purpose pursuit is that if these feelings are left to fester, we can easily grow impatient and abort our mission or purpose altogether. It is therefore imperative for as to get a grip of what goes on in our lives whenever we are facing disillusionment.


We need to understand that temporary things, environments, or events can bring about feelings of disillusionment and in the process, can lead us to feel like what we are pursuing is not worth the effort. So far, we have posited that you are disillusioned because

1. Maybe You are not Mature

2. Maybe You Feel You are Not Appreciated

3. Maybe You are Just Tired

Body, soul, spirit, mind. All these are faculties of our lives that are living, active and vulnerable. If we do not take care of our bodies, they disintegrate. Increasingly, we are learning many things about mental health than any other generation before us. It too is critical in our lives.

Disillusionment with life might come to us at times because we are tired physically, mentally, spiritually, emotionally or a combination of these factors in their different measures. At times, your purpose pursuit is not wrong, nor is it useless in the end. It has a promise which might need time to mature.

Tiredness and Disillusionment

Probably you are feeling disillusioned about it because you are exhausted and are not thinking properly. When you are exhausted and are just quarter way through your pursuit, it might feel like there is nothing to it anyway. This is a dangerous place because of the disillusionment it brings.

It is therefore critically important to understand when to rest and when to quit. There are many people who did quit when all they needed to do was to rest and stave off the disillusionment that they felt.

Isaac and Disillusionment

A classic example is a guy in the Bible called Isaac. The man might have felt disillusioned with life that he thought he would be dead soon. This disillusionment led him to task his firstborn with preparing for him a meal before he could give him life’s blessings. Granted, we are told that he was partially blind and thus probably well ahead in years.

Missed it

However, after the debacle where the second-born, with the help of his mother, stole the firstborn’s blessings, Isaac lived another two or so decades before he died. Feelings of disillusionment can cause us to make pathetic decisions in our lives when all we needed to do was take some time off.

When we take some time off our purpose pursuit and just rest, get refreshed and recuperate, we gain a fresh new perspective in life and thus we are able to handle the disillusionment better. Remember, it is a feeling that could either be valid or not.


A vacation gives you an opportunity to have a great reboot. If done well, not only will you rest from tiredness, but you will also benefit quite a bit from the change of scenery. This is very therapeutic. When you are feeling disillusionment and take a vacation, chances are that you will come back with a fresh perspective, having handled the disillusionment well.

Some people have been at their purpose pursuit for years on end without a break so much so that it has become rote. They now feel like they are in a massive rut. That’s akin to machines in an assembly line that are able to keep going and going repetitively without resting.


When your purpose pursuit becomes that repetitive without a break, you are a prime candidate for disillusionment at some point in time especially when you have not attained a level of maturity. This maturity is what qualifies the purpose pursuit to start remitting benefits to you as the visionary.

So if you are looking around you and you feel like there is nothing coming out, probably you need to take some time off and just rest. The disillusionment you are feeling at the moment could very well be the result of tiredness.

Keep Going

If perchance you have read thus far and still feel like these three points do not apply to you and you are still disillusioned, please read further in the next article.

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