7 Interesting Types of Seeds In Life – Part 6

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October 24, 2018
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November 5, 2018

7 Interesting Types of Seeds In Life – Part 6


erhaps the greatest misconception we have had over the years about Formal Education is that it is a fruit. In other words, we have been looking at Formal Education as the mountain of achievement and success once conquered. We do not see Formal Education in terms of seeds, we see it in terms of fruits. And that is why we have people cramming for examinations and quickly forget most details of their education immediately after the exams!

Why Do We Go To School?

Further, we have had a mentality that the end of Formal Education is the end of “schooling” or learning as it were. Why is that? Again, it is because we have looked at Formal Education, or at least the attainment of Formal Education as a fruit, and not as a seed. Interestingly, when people are graduating, I normally hear these words conferred to them, “I give you powers to go and study….”  Perhaps the question that you and I need to answer is this: Why do we go to school?

How Many Doors Does the Key of Education Open?

Well it seems to me like the conferring of Diplomas and Degrees is not necessarily in line with the teaching all along. This is simply because if you taught me all along the schooling process that “education is the key”, the I will want to finish, get my key and start opening doors. However, how many doors have the keys of education opened for people around the world? Do not get me wrong, some doors have been opened all over the world, but not all of them have been opened by education. Therefore, saying that it is “The Key” could be the main reason why there is disillusionment at the end of the studies.

Where is the “End” of Education?

In fact the very saying of “the end of the studies” is in itself a problem. For as long as we do not look at education in terms of seeds, then we shall always “end” being educated and start seeking to open doors. Further, we shall never take the initiative to pursue our own “education” unless it is attached to a Certificate, Diploma, Degree or a job.

When I say that I study daily, I am not tooting my own horn. To be honest with you, if I was being awarded some academic “Certificate” on the work that I have done on Life Signatures, I am sure they would be many. To me, part of seeds in life is not only Formal Education but also self education.

Why is that?

There are particular reasons why you and I need to look at education in terms of seeds and not fruits. Let us sample a few:

1. Direct Employment is Long Becoming a Myth

Previously, education was a conduit through which people got employment. Not any more, and I am not saying that i a bad way. The world has changed so much so that you and I can be employed while we are still studying. The key here is application of the education and the relevance to solve the problems existing. That’s why you no longer need to look at education as if fruits, but as seeds. The era for looking at education as fruits is long gone. In fact, the earlier we teach our children this, the much better.

2. Education “Tools” You

For what purpose? For application. For connection of ideas, resources, people, talent and gifts. The person who is well educated should stand a better chance than the person who is not. However, it only happens to the degree that the seeds mentality has been applied. The truth of the matter is that the seeds mentality is not a reserve of the educated. That is why you will see some uneducated people (at least formally) making things happen while the educated ones are paralyzed with their analysis. [ictt-tweet-inline]Education is seeds in that it has to be applied in order to make a living. It is not fruits in that making a living is a reward for having been educated.[/ictt-tweet-inline]

3. It Gives You a Head Start

In one of my manuscripts, I deal with what I call, “The Philosophy of Entitlement”. You see, the fact that you are educated does not give you any entitlement in the kingdom of careers and employment. The only thing that education (most especially formal education) does is to give you a head start. A head start is an advantage, and that’s all there is. It is no guarantee that you will win the race. I have seen very many people who are educated not looking at it as seeds, but as fruits and so they walk around with long academic titles but no impact in life.

4. It’s an Eye Opener

To be honest with you, education, whether formal or self is a great eye opener. We are opened up to business, economy, science, technology, governance and so on through education. All these disciplines are important in the tapestry of life. It is a clear indication that education is more of seeds than it is of fruits. Our ability to interact and interpret all these different aspects of life is what makes education a seed, rather than a fruit.

The Verdict

Therefore, what we ought to do today is to embrace the seeds that are available in education. Today, there is so much access to education than just few years ago. For example in Kenya we only had 5 public Universities by the time I cleared High School. There was not a single private school. Today, there are hundreds of Universities and other tertiary institutions in Kenya alone. There are thousands of Universities around the world that offer online learning. All these are a result of the recognition that education is more of seeds than it is of fruits.

How are you applying this knowledge from now on?