7 Interesting Types of Seeds In Life – Part 5

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October 23, 2018
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October 24, 2018

7 Interesting Types of Seeds In Life – Part 5


t is said that there are two types of people in the world. There are those who come into the room and announce, “Here I am”, and there are those who come into the room and regard, “Aaah, there you are!” On the subject matter if you are the one getting into a room, you will only be the latter if you understand the power of seeds in terms of relationships. This subject is so vast that we spent a whole series of messages talking about the power of connections.

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As we have been advocating over the past several articles, to leverage the power of seeds, we ought to change our mentality from consumerism to production. When you look at someone do not see only what you can get from them, but also what you can give. Most importantly look at them from the angle that they are in your life most probably as a seed. Now,I need to clarify something important here: Not everyone around you is a seed.

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However, you also need to look at the equation of relationship being seeds from you being the focal point. There are different types of people to whom you are a seed in their life of purpose. You are in their life for a reason, or for a season or for a lifetime.

4 Reasons Why Relationships are Seeds

Someone might want to challenge me by saying that people are not seeds. Well, let’s get some context, shall we? A seed, as we have already seen is something that you use in the right environment to get either more of what is or improve what is. We are not necessarily looking at Biology here. We are looking at a concept. We have seen that you are a seed, your environment is a seed, ideas are seeds and your talents and gifts are seeds too. Why then are people seeds?

1. We Are All Unique

Uniqueness has an interesting component with it, it has integrity and autonomy. In other words, we are “alone”, but we need others. In our “aloneness”, we are complete, lacking nothing. If we are gifted to do a particular thing or have a particular purpose in life, we are complete and well able to do it. That uniqueness is the most interesting aspects of seeds in the tapestry of life. That is why we have people with different passions who take different directions in life. You are unique for the particular reason that you can fully do “something” that you were meant to do in the first place.

2. We Cannot Do Everything of Ourselves

And that is why we are unique. Imagine if everyone was all sufficient in and of themselves! I put it to you that it was not God’s original plan for this to be possible. One wonders why we in the initial stages of schooling, try to cram everything in the head of a child! You can’t do everything! You are not self sufficient in and of yourself to do life completely. And that is why relationships are great seeds in your life.

3. We Are All Part Of A Bigger Picture

Whether you believe it or not, I believe that life is held together by One. There are not so many centers of purpose in life. There is just One. If as many people are claiming, the Universe had many centers of control, there would be chaos. Consider the fact that in our galaxy, the milky way, we have billions of stars. The sun and the solar system are just part of that galaxy. IN the solar system, there are millions of starts. Now, consider the fact that there are billions of galaxies in the universe! What if there were different centers of control? You see, we are all serving one purpose in the end, or at least we are contributing towards it. That is why we are all seeds to one another here on earth.

4. We Complement Each Other

It is a simple general rule of life that we need one another. As much as there is competition in the world, the real harmony that exists in the world is because of collaboration and complementing one another. The seeds of relationships are so vast to the extent that you do not need to have a direct relationship with someone else and their genius in order to succeed. From the moment you wake up and switch on the lights, that complementing is already happening. Someone else set up those lights and so on and so forth. Life is that beautiful.

Why Do We need Each other? 

That’s a pretty good question. One might even say that it is simple and straight forward. I can say that there are at least 4 reasons why we need each other, and why relationships are seeds in life. I do not think there are very many reasons out there but these four are the most important.

1. Growth:

There are different types of growth and in each, we need the input either directly or indirectly of someone else. We do not grow by ourselves. Growth is in fact one of the psychological needs that we have as humans. Nobody grew by stature either physically, economically, spiritually, mentally or emotionally by themselves. If you are lacking growth in any of these areas, chances are that you are not leveraging the seeds of relationships.

2. Support

Support is connected to growth, but not exclusive to it. I do not know of any human being who does not need support in any way. For example, yesterday I didn’t know how to covert my podcasts into YouTube Videos. The good thing is that I am part of a Podcasts support group known us Podcasters Paradise led by John Lee Dumas. I was actually scheming of setting aside some dollars for this, only for JLD to show me an easier and free way of doing it. I love the support I got from there. If you are stuck with your project, consider to leverage the support that is available in the seeds of relationships.

3. Belonging

We are social beings, it goes without saying. We want not only to love, we also want to be loved. Most importantly, we want to matter. The thing is that these three things can only be done when we leverage the seeds of relationships. The harshest punishment you can ever mete on a human being is solitary confinement. Therefore, people provide the much needed emotional health that we get from relating with them.

4. Protection

On your own, you are like an exposed city. Even if you are fenced in, there are some things that only relationships can protect you from. Have you ever saved lots of money because of a recommendation? Few months ago, someone approached me and asked if they could invest in a particular new thing that had come to town. I watched it’s launch on TV and cringed on what I saw. I advised them against it. Two months down the road, the founder was arrested for swindling people’s cash. That’s what you get from the seeds of relationships.

We shall move on with this in the next article.