Warning: You May Not Be Raising Spirit-led Children Unless You are Doing This [Part 10]

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June 17, 2019
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June 19, 2019

Warning: You May Not Be Raising Spirit-led Children Unless You are Doing This [Part 10]


n a previous article, I talked about how raising children is akin to seeking treasure. That is one of the mindsets that we ought to have. It is an adventure in that we have no clue what kind of treasure it will be, but for sure we know the treasure is there. Such is the way of the spirit. The spirit works with seeds, giving you only what you can work within time.


In raising spirit-led children, we have to be discerning of the fact that we ought to dig deep and find out this hidden treasure. The way we shall raise the children will for the most part stick with them. What we need to note though is that they do have a spirit that is eternal.

The information we need for the success of a child is found in their spirit…whether regenerate or not. They are a spirit and their total make up is not just about their bodies and minds. It is in their spirits too.


In the past several articles, we have looked at different ways you can raise spirit-led children. This will be the ultimate end of this wonderful series that has stretched me. I have had disagreements with people on this message along the way, but many more have appreciated it. Let’s do a simple recap:

In order to raise spirit led children:

  1. Teach them to cherish their inner compass
  2. Teach them to the importance of “self-extraction”
  3. Nurture and nourish their creative capacities
  4. Teach them to value Personal Growth/Personal Development
  5. Teach them to be humane
  6. Speak into their spirit

To raise Spirit-led children…

7. Teach them to create value and solutions

Creation, whether Divine or human is a function of the spirit. Creation normally happens:

  • As an expression of genius,
  • An expression of the overflow of joy
  • Or as an expression of the compassion of the spirit in order to provide a solution.


To raise spirit-led children is to guide them to the fact that they are co-creators with God. [ictt-tweet-inline]Part of the biggest problems we have with humanity is impotence of creativity with the very people that are co-creators with God.[/ictt-tweet-inline] If you can successfully convince your child that they cannot create anything, you have poured cold water onto their spirit—a great disservice to humanity.

If we want our children to embrace the spirit of creation:

  • We ought to nurture the spirit of creation and creativity within them:

This has already been covered in a previous article. The spirit of creation and creativity will always work with instinct. You cannot explain or put instinct in a box. What we ought to do though is to learn to listen to the voice of instinct and learn to lean into it. We will uncover incredible things.

  • We ought to let them experiment with the unseen instead of accepting the seen, the known and the generally accepted:

It is so easy to be fixated about how things work and how things have been. The only things that we should emphasize to our children in teaching them are the hard unchanging facts. However, when it comes to processes, methods and so on, let us allow the children to explore.

For example, you cannot be fixated on a particular style of ironing clothes that you want all your children to do exactly that. If the end result is a well-ironed cloth, let them use whatever creative method that is OK with them.

  • We ought to allow them to take one hint, one direction or one idea and just pursue it to the logical conclusion.

Creativity and creation take time.[ictt-tweet-inline] One of the greatest thieves of our children’s genius spirit is impatience.[/ictt-tweet-inline] They can be impatient or we can be impatient with them. Richard Branson, Les Brown, Albert Einstein, Walt Disney and many creative greats were slow learners. Imagine that!

Creating Value

Apart from teaching and nurturing our children to create, we also need to intentionally teach them how to create value. My definition of value is simply a creative solution that is a blessing that covers a need so much so that the one helped can’t help but pay for it.

Value creation is one of the most forgotten spiritual principles in many education systems today. For the most part, people teach children about facts but not about the spirit of value creation.

Imagine if a child will have in his mind someone else’s need and use their potential to create something that can help? “Well that is for adults to do”, you might counter. Really? Have we ever tried this with children and it has failed?

Providing Solutions

We live in a world that is so “liberal” and so “entitled” that we are shirking responsibility to governments and institutions. Consequently, this generation has very many complainers and people who are quick to criticize. Such a way of life is not the way the spirit operates. The spirit will want you to reach out and provide a solution instead of voicing a complaint.

Imagine teaching a child to be responsible from the get-go? Imagine teaching them to reconcile with the fact that they are actually a solution that is waiting to happen? This will put them in control of things around them. It will make them to feel responsible and to take charge. I think “taking charge” should be one of the things that we release to our children at the earliest opportunity.

That is what will grow them.

Well, it has been a marathon of articles over the past several weeks on the subject of the spirit. I hope I have done justice to it. This is the very last article that I will write on the subject matter in this season. Thanks for staying on board.