May 17, 2013
5 Steps to Becoming A Top Employer’s Target
May 24, 2013


“Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn” ~ Robert T Kiyosaki.


You might not like this, but it is the one and only powerful ingredient of its kind for success. Have you noticed how a child who is learning to walk is so celebrated when they fall in the process? At the back of our minds, we always know that soon enough, they will be standing on their feet, walking and eventually, running. Why do they fail? Because they got started!

Getting started is the guarantee of attracting failure, and it is not the only ingredient for…

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Have you noticed that people give themselves lots of benefit of the doubt when they are ‘trying out’ something? They know that either they will fail, or may be they will make it. The atmosphere is relaxed, an atmosphere to learn.

When you are training let’s say your body by doing push ups and your goal is for 50 per day, you most definitely know that it will be a process. That is why sometimes you do just one (especially when you are starting), you stay down and laugh at yourself silly. It happens!

But here is the thing…you normally accept that ‘temporary failure’ with the comfort that you are not superman…and that you need more time, more trials to make it to 50. So what happens then? Two weeks, three weeks or one month down the line, 50 push ups they are!!!

Failure or Training?

Failure (I really do wish it was given a different and positive name) is a very powerful and valuable friend. Failure is the bridge between our goal and our success! The period of failure should be called training.

Here is the thing: Failure and flukes are never compartmentalized from the process….you cannot count a fluke out of the process.

  • It is that fluke that gives you a different idea,
  • It is that fluke that gives you a better idea.
  • It is that fluke that give you a break to regain some strength.
  • It is that fluke that give you the chance to re-evaluate the distance between where you started and where yo are going.

Failure and flukes should be embraced. I read about how Roberk Kiyosaki’s wife embraced this process when he says the following about her efforts in financial education:

“Her real-life financial education was a long-term process of classes, seminars, study, reading, successes, failures, good times,bad times, crooks, con men, liars, cheats, mentors, bad partners, and great partners”

My Embarrassing Firsts

Notice the obedience to the process…

  • In my first major public speaking engagement, I walked there will passion and a stack of papers that I constantly referred to. I get so embarrassed watching that DVD. In fact, I just watched it once and felt so bad. I had failed.
  • My first sales call was bizarre, so much so that I did not sell for another quarter. What if I had taken it lightly by giving myself the benefit of doubt? I would have learnt and had fun and moved on.
  • My first chairing a spiritual mastermind group was mechanical to say the least.
  • My first time on radio had some listeners texting to say I should move away from the microphone…and stop shouting.
  • I was so embarrassed the first time I attended a prayer meeting. I didn’t know how to pray out loud…and when I did, I was embarrassed that my ‘neighbor’ heard me. You should hear me pray today.
  • My first blog post was…three paragraphs, you can read it here:

My point is that we might never nail it the first time we attempt. So we need to give ourselves the benefit of doubt and not be so hard on ourselves. Take some time and rest. Re-evaluate. Thank yourself for giving it an attempt. Gather the feedback. Where did you go wrong? How could you have done it? Ask those who have gone before…find out why you must do this in the first place…then give it another try…and then another…and then another.

Your growth is in the next try! And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the world’s number one exceptional ingredient to making it in life!