7 Irrefutable Steps to Being an Excellent Finisher
May 13, 2013
May 21, 2013


I loved music and singing…but when I got to school, someone whispered to me that Music as a subject was for Sissies! I do not remember who that was, but that human being owes me an apology for having me believe them in toto! In music, we are taught how harmony creates beautiful music. When the instruments being played and the singers singing are in perfect sync, it inspires.Music can be used to change the mood in an instant…Music can be used to blend inspiration, enhance learning and relax the mind. One thing that molds music is harmony.

The very first lesson in learning to play guitar as a music instrument is to learn how to tune the guitar strings. You do not just pick the guitar and start strumming and expect inspiration.That makes you wonder…how come most people in life just move through un-tuned? If I was in church, I would ask you to “turn to your neighbor and ask them, ‘Are you tuned-up’?” (By the way, that is one part of church I do not like…turning to my ‘neighbor’ every minute and telling them something!!!)

So I went to the gym the other day…and this body builder insisted on having his music play in the intercom. I knew that the lyrics were not edifying me at all. Something was missing…or something was awfully wrong. Here I am jogging while being backed up by background music that was spitting out expletives!

My face was a frown. My mental strength to ignore the background music was under a big stretch of stress! So this is what I did. I decided that the very next day I will step into that Gym, I gonna arm myself with my very own Wifey’s jams…and that is exactly what I did.

Can you imagine working out while being inspired by your own wife’s songs? And am not just saying that because she is my wife…no, actually, that gal can sing! The woman is gifted!

But I digress!

The biggest reason as to why most people fail and fail and fail and never learn to succeed is because they are  out of tune even before they get started! There is lacking harmony in their lives. Something is discordant in the whole make up. There is no harmony! So there you have it, we largely fail because we do not have harmony  That is why we need training. Training is nothing but harmonizing!People fail because…

  1. Either, they are discordant about their Audience: We all have been wired to serve a specific audience. We cannot please everyone! We do not have all the talents and gifting and preparations to do everything to everyone and call it a purpose! Jack Bauer is a fiction! He exists not in real life! Who is your audience? Stop saying the whole world…because the whole world doesn’t know you….even Bill Gates doesn’t serve the whole world! In my village, someone of this nature is referred to be ‘playing the guitar to a goat’. Ain’t dancing happenin’ there!
  2. Either, they are discordant about their Purpose: The sorriest thing I see every day is a job seeker who knows not why they are existing in life. We cannot be successful if we are not purposeful…for life…not for job seeking or money making. Ask yourself..well, after the job, then what? After the house, then what? After the car, then what? After the marriage, then what? After the kids and vacations, then what? At the point of death…what really matters?
  3. Either, they are discordant about the Process: Most people hate processes…that is why they would want to circumnavigate them. I tried this.I actually thought that I was working ‘smart’. Ha! Working smart will never ever ever replace working hard! The result is that I lost two years and ended up in police cells! Follow the due process!
  4. Either, they are discordant about Themselves: In-congruency is the chief cause for struggle in life. People either do not know what matters to them, or they blatantly ignore these in pursuit for happiness. There can never be happiness if you knew that you achieved it in-congruently ..that’s just it! At the very core of our being, we want to be productive. It is reported that most people die two years after retirement. I have seen that happen, and now that Dad wants to retire…he will be hiring me as a life coach, I kid you not! But here is the thing, our happiness is not just linked to being productive, but also being productive in a fair way. Fairness comes from what is right internally with us merged with what is morally right and acceptable externally in society.

So there we have it. To be honest, I am still in the process. I always will be in the process. That is why sometimes I might experience some set back..but like a butterfly on its path, my progress to success is herky jerky…but I sure do know where I am going. Do you?