5 Steps to Becoming A Top Employer’s Target

May 21, 2013
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May 28, 2013

5 Steps to Becoming A Top Employer’s Target

At the back of our minds, we are all conscious of the fact that achievement and success has always been, is and will always be a process, at least this side of heaven. That is why most of us, and all of us really should always be figuring out our ‘next level’.

I have come to realize that growth is made in any area of our lives through levels. I have also come to realize that it is very easy to become satisfied with one level and stay there. The only problem with that is that life does not wait for you.

Can you imagine if you were comfortable with your first Motorolla phone that looked like a roll-on anti-perspiration (Motorollon)?

Can you imagine if you were comfortable with crawling and stayed at that level?

Can you imagine if you were OK with your level of formal education and stopped learning? (By far, this is one areas that kills many people. Either people graduate and stop learning, or are dropped along the way by the system and consider themselves dumb!)

So, here are the several steps to use that will guarantee you a seat at your most coveted next level.


1. Be there Now:

This is a simple principle that says that the body does not go where the mind has not been! I recently trained a team of men and women that would help me in a project that I am running. After showing them the organizational hierarchy, I told them to start seeing themselves as if they were on the level above them now. You know that works, It worked for me. You are doing yourself a great disservice if you always think of yourself right now as who you are instead of whom you can be.

2. Decide to be massively excellent where you are:

This has been a major motto for me in life. Literally everywhere I have been since I got into active employment, I have left an indelible mark. You do not deserve the next level if you have not mastered the current one. This is one of the biggest life principles that people forget.  Most people unfortunately are trashing their current positions as they look forward for new ones. The only result is a delay in ascending to the next level!

3. ‘Race’ against yourself:

Highly successful people who will ascend to the next level faster than others have mastered this habit. They daily and consistently put their life on the line as they play it all out…there are no crowds to cheer them, there is no medal to be won…but they ‘race’ ruthlessly against themselves. They beat their own deadlines without instructions from a boss. They track their progress. They re-evaluate their situation again and again. They constantly set the bar high and always seek to beat it. They put time frames in accomplishing their goals. Sooner or later, the world takes notice of such visionaries. Don’t wait to be told. Be reflective and proactive. The next level beckons. This is what Jim Rohn’s mentor told him: “If you want to be wealthy and happy, learn this lesson well: Learn to work harder on yourself than on your job”

4. Understand the Difference between Relief and Comfort:

Is there a human being (or even an animal) in the whole wide world that doesn’t love comfort? We all love comfort. However, comfort never takes you to the next level. Comfort is the reward for mastering your current level. Relief on the other hand is the temporary reward for a purpose-filled task being completed. It is the prize you get immediately after enduring the pressure to finish a task. If you really want to get to the next level faster, you need to experience relief at very short intervals. That means you are taking massive action. That means you are growing.

5. Build Reserve Energy:

The winning athlete in this short video understood the importance of finishing strong. You cannot do that without lots of reserve energy. Reserve energy comes through persistent and consistent training. Finishing a ‘race’ is the most important thing. Sometimes, the need to experience relief from the current pressure can really work against you, so you drop out of the race prematurely…like helping a butterfly in its pupa stage, like getting the cake out of the oven minutes before, like digging up a bean seed that you planted few days ago, like actually walking down the finish line instead of running. When your strength to propel you to a finish is greater than the relief you get when you finish, you have mastered your current race and are now ready for the next level!

If you will do these things, your ascendancy to the next level will be reversed: Instead of hunting for the next assignment, you will be head hunted! It works!