Dealing with Fear

February 16, 2010

Dealing with Fear

One of the most debilitating things in life is a disease named “Fear”. The most interesting thing about this disease is that sometimes what we are scared of never gets to materialize. Fear can plague someone to total paralysis. Am told that one of the methods of taming a lion is to point at it with a four legged stool. The lion out of its nature, needing to attack all the four legs of the stool at once becomes totally paralyzed.

That is how fear operates, rendering whole individuals to be vegetables, unable to do anything, unable to move, unable to be creative any more. Sometimes it causes people to start seriously doubting about themselves.

I have noticed how easily fear can be conquered…by engaging oneself in some kind of activity. Standing still in one’s paralysis feeds the fear to unimaginable stature. However, rising up to do something-anything, communicates to the brain that one is not conquered. Indeed it is in the rising up that someone gets to find ideas on how to conquer whatever is plaguing them. It is very difficult to steer a static vehicle, as compared to one in motion.

Therefore, to conquer one’s fears, rise up from that state of inactivity and engage yourself in something….wash utensils, paint, mop, organize your room…do these with resilience…it is a better way of conquering fear, than waiting for it to slowly subside.

To Your Success and Prosperity….