Are You Wearing our Engagement Ring?

January 24, 2011
January 27, 2011

Are You Wearing our Engagement Ring?

Certainly, one of the most exciting things in a girl’s life is when a dude goes down on bended knee, looks into her eyes and ‘pops the question’. I have no clue how a gal feels when this happens…but the part that I know is that the dude normally scratches his head to figure out the ‘how’….the very best way that he will pop the question. Dudes always want it to be an unforgettable and memorable experience for their gals…which is very commendable. I have done that popping thing twice…and I know that I was not creative enough on both counts…but that is another story that I will not digress on.

Anyway, I really love that part of life…it tells you that someone has narrowed down...zeroed in on their focal point, and from there on, that is what their focus for the rest of their lives will be about. Isn’t that just cute?

So Have You Popped the Question?

The same thing applies on our Calling, Our Life’s Purpose, Our Mission on earth, Our Life Signatures! Say…are you engaged to your Mission? Have you zeroed in on it? Do you have the focus it takes to propel your life mission to the next level?

 “The very next thing that happens once you have reconnected with your life purpose is Engagement”

Lawrence Namale

In our earlier post, we talked about ‘How to Reconnect with your Life Purpose’. The very next thing that happens once you have reconnected with your life purpose is Engagement. This process is what is called Alignment. In order to fulfill your God given purpose on earth…you must know your starting point. You must first understand what that starting point is…your talents, your gifting, your passion, your calling, your strength zone, your experiences or education, your pet subject, your heart’s desire.

Successful people are engaged individuals.

Lawrence Namale

You must also understand your nemesis, your weaknesses, your moral code. Long story short, Alignment comes just before engagement.(I know this alignment example is not even relevant to the guys who get betrothed at a young age,but it does apply to engagement) In the same way that the girl is sought before being engaged, there has got to be a quest, an ardent seeking for your WHY on earth.

Successful people are engaged individuals. Think about it, what happens when we get engaged?

1. We give the ‘victim of our emotions’ a SIGN of our commitment-A ring.

Two powerful words here: SIGN and COMMITMENT. The ring speaks to both the gal and the dude. From that point on, the two are committed to each other, looking forward for bigger things in the near future. That is what happens with our Life Purpose. Once found, you start preparing for it, researching, analyzing, asking questions, and fueling it.

 2. We tell the world what just happened.

This aligns the thinking of the world to the knowledge that the two are locked. It is like a missile locked onto its target…even if the target moves, that missile will change course and follow the target. When you get locked to your Life Signature, the your whole world is centered around it. What happens next is that the World (not just your world) but the world will see you in the light of your Purpose. Has the world taken note of you lately? If not, you are not wearing your ring.

3. The two pledge faithfulness to each other

‘Forsaking all others’. Successful people are faithful to their passion, and pay less and less attention to other things, namely their weaknesses. A previous post talks of the power of focus…you become a MASTER in your niche and trade. When I want to have decorations done for my wedding, I will not look for a lackluster Decorator…we mostly look for MASTERS in their trades. Wearing your ring prepares you to become a MASTER.

4. We set a date for the ‘Big Day’, the wedding.

I love it. Anytime someone sees your gal wearing your ring, they ask…’So when is the big day?’ The big day is future oriented. Your Mission on earth is not fulfilled when you realize it…it is fulfilled OVER TIME as you keep working on it. Realizing your dream should be the happiest START DATE of your life. There are two very important days in our lives-first the day we were born, and second, the day we realize WHY? Goal setting is a crucial component of world-changers. Just like the date is set for the ‘big day’ so we must set dates, goals that tell us of our intention to ‘do’ stuff related to our engagement.

My vision is to see as many people as possible wearing their rings of purpose…and totally engaged in in passionate pursuit for their big day and far most important…the rest of their days. After all, the most important thing in a relationship is not the wedding….but the Marriage.

Folks, it is time to get locked! Are you wearing your ring? Does ‘your world’ know that you are here? Has the world spotted you?