January 10, 2011
January 15, 2011


I recently had a chat with a friend of mine who is pursuing a Degree Course in Journalism and PR in the United States. That must have been after about six years of not keeping in touch, so you can imagine that we were both curious. Needless to say, our discussion somehow zeroed in on marriage. She was very emphatic that she will not be marrying anyone UNTIL she has her MASTERS Degree!

Later on, we will be talking about Beliefs and Conditioning that the ‘education system’ has subjected us to…but I can mention here that quite a good percentage of people are intimidated when the words ‘Degree’, ‘Masters’ or Phd are mentioned. I love the Word Masters. To some people, a Masters conjurs up the picture of Tiger Woods in a Green Jacket… To me, it speaks of FOCUS and passion.

The sun is a powerful force in the universe, yet its rays are spread all over the place. If you would leverage its power  with a lens and converge its rays to one spot…watch out, there will be a fire! You are a SPARK ready to burn with passion as you pursue your Life Mission.

That is the awesome power of focus. Life Coaches world-wide will tell you that ‘Whatever you focus your mind on becomes your reality’. That is the beauty of pursuing a Masters. You get to FOCUS on something SPECIFIC over a period of time until you become an AUTHORITY in that particular area. How beautiful would that be if what you focus your energies on is something that you Love, and are Seriously PASSIONATE about? The great teacher said “I would rather you were either cold or hot…and not lukewarm! Focus distinguishes us from the rest of the crowd, and believe me, the crowd is as big as 6 Billion at any given point in time!

The tragedy however, would be that you Master (or is it muster) something that you are absolutely passionless about. Your ladder is leaning on the wrong corporate wall, and you are busy climbing it! You get to the top, only to realize that you are on the wrong roof!

Naturally, a Master’s Degree is awarded to individuals who have applied themselves to a SPECIFIC field of study or area of Professional Practise. This is normally in the academic domain.

In Life, everyone was born with a Purpose and a Mission to fulfil. The necessary interests, emotions, Passion and drive for this Life Purpose comes together with the individual at birth. Indeed, we have been given all that pertains to life and Godliness. Success easily comes when we do what we love and love what we do.Someone somewhere said that you need to turn your passion into profits. We will also be focussing on that particular topic later on in future posts.

Granted, everyone has a Life Purpose…but to quote Pastor Wa in his blog:

The truth is, your life is waiting to start when you start making choices to start it. Not when circumstances allow it. You see living your dream is just that. Living a dream. Something unreal. It means it’s something unreal. You are simply taking something unreal, and bringing it into your real world…If you want difference in your life, then take charge of that Change!

I read a quote this morning that says “You are the CEO of the future of your life”. The future belongs to the competent. The competent have MASTERED their trade. Remember, it is absolutely pointless to master something of which you are passion-less about.In this life, we have Doctors who should be Chefs, Business Executives who should be Pastors, Accountants who should be Social Workers…and many other Masters that are misplaced.

By declaring that everyone is supposed to have a Master’s Degree, I am not in any wise insunuating that it is an easy four-step process, or that there is some ‘secret’ formula to obtaining a Masters Degree in Your Passion. Yes, there is a process, but most importantly, there is the INDIVIDUAL. The fact is that to as many as will rise up and reach out passionately to their Mission, there is no stoping them…and watch out as they ‘turn the world rightside up!
For those who love lists, to have your Masters Degree in Life Signatures, the following are the steps you would take:

  1. Reconnect with Your Life Mission, Your Life Purpose, Your Life Signature
  2. Research thoroughly in your area of Passion. Self education will make you wealthy.
  3. Reach out to OTHERs with your Life Signature, and contribute to their well-being.
  4. Re-invent your Passion into Profits

Realize that in now wise can you achieve the above big bang. That is why you need clear and deliberate steps to attain your Masters and write your own Thesis. Remember, you need to obtain your own MASTERS, and have fun while you are at it.