January 12, 2011
January 18, 2011


“What about trees? What about Love? ….” Those are some of the lyrics of a powerful song done by the Jacksons back then when music was music, and Dad had an Afro. For those of you who are younger than me by say 10-15 years, we used to wait for a certain show on Saturday called Saturday Night Live to cram the lyrics of famous songs. The presenter would play the song of the day and read the lyrics back and forth…few of us had radio…and for those who had to share a radio as a family…your dad probably would not be interested in the program you were listening to…I digress.

Pop Legend MJ was part of this group. THIS IS IT was his last instalment to the music industry.. That too is a dead dream. Micheal died few days after announcing a musical tour, that according to him would eclipse all the work in his lifetime. Sadly, that dream died with Micheal.
It is not so common to find a soul who has all wishes and dreams fulfilled. A host majority of people had yearnings and desires that either have not been fulfilled or that they have given up on them altogether. I personally had a dream of being a Human Rights Lawyer…it was real, it was compelling. If the correct circumstances would have been put in place, I would probably be one of the most vocal human rights fighters. I would probably be on the forefront of prosecuting violators of human rights at the Hague.
The second dream that I had that was very compelling was being a journalist. I dreamt of writing compelling stories in the print media. Needless to say, that dream is dead.
The Third Dream that I had was to rise to the echelons of the Computer World, specifically in Information Technology. Like the first dream, I am sure if all the ingredients to achieving this dream were met, I would be the Top Most IT practitioner this world has ever seen. Why? Because my dream was real, compelling.
The Fourth most compelling dream I ever had, that I could even rank it first on the intensity scale was to obtain a university degree. I have never been so desirous about a thing like I was on this one. Again, if all the ingredients necessary to fulfill this dream were available, I am totally sure I would be one of the Top Most graduates of all time right now.
The pertinent part that I would like to focus here is the question “Is it possible to have a Life Signature while at the same time I have Dead Dreams?” Someone might be saying “I could give anything to be a nurse”…but they have absolutely no ‘ingredients’ to make that dream happen. Such stories are multiplied all over the place.
We all know of the following series of dead dreams:
  • He lost his job in 1832 (Sounds familiar?)
  • He was elected to the legislature in 1834
  • He suffered the death of his sweetheart in 1834
  • He suffered a nervous breakdown in 1836
  • He was defeated for speaker of the State Legislature in 1838
  • He was defeated for nomination for Congress in 1843
  • He was elected to Congress in 1846
  • He was rejected for the position of Land Officer in 1849
  • He was defeated for the Senate in 1854
  • He was defeated for the nomination for vice president of the United States in 1856
  • He again was defeated for the senate in 1858
  • He was elected president of the United States in 1860.
The human being is the creature that has been filled with the highest level of resilience on earth. What about Dead Dreams? I am a Lawyer? Am I a Journalist? Do I hold a degree? Not guilty on all counts your Honor! But I keep looking deep. If you have suffered dead dreams, probably, that is where you need to really start looking for your life signatures.

What was the underlying WHY of your Dead Dream? Enumerate all the WHYs of your Dead Dreams. Can you pursue the fulfillment of those WHYS in ANOTHER FORMAT? Can you accomplish those WHYS without the TITLE that you were seeking?

Failure, ladies and Gentlemen (as well as Dead Dreams) should never be our undertaker, but our teacher of resilience.
Care to share your Dead Dreams?