January 15, 2011
January 24, 2011


Don’t Just sit there, Do something!!

It was Teddy Roosevelt who said: “Far better it is to dare mighty things, to win glorious triumphs, even though checkered by failure, than to take rank with those poor spirits who neither enjoy nor suffer much, because they live in the gray twilight that knows neither victory nor defeat.” That gray twilight that Teddy talked about stalks VISIONARIES day in and day out.
 I read somewhere that “there are those who make things happen, those who watch things happen, and then there are those who ask “What happened?” Granted, I’d rather hang around a visionary, a master dreamer than be in the company of vision less, dreamless people who accept et all that life deals them.  However, every visionary must in all due respect take action and transform his or her Vision into a passionate heart pursuit Mission.According to Dr. Myles Munroe:

If you want to become successful in life, take your ideas and turn them into imagination; then take imagination and duplicate it physically. Put it down. Let it become a plan of action.-From ‘Purpose for Living’

Personally, there are tens of ideas that are mulling over my mind. In addition there are hundreds of concepts that I have gathered over the years and now located in the hard drive of my laptop. One of the greatest tragedies in life is not that we do not know what to do, but that we do not initiate action on the  tiniest of clues that we have. If I would implement just two of my ideas, coupled with just five concepts, I would be a thousand more fruitful in the next one year than I have been in five years!

The First biggest reason as to why Visionaries don’t take action is the feeling that ‘they don not have enough information to take action. As a result we end up in what i call research paralysis. We keep gathering information upon information, the whys and the wherefores, the ifs and if not’s. I have lived short enough to discover that “Your finite mind will never have a full grasp of a concept or idea at conception”. The Only mind that can conceive in totality the beginning, the process, the end, the outcome, the setbacks et all is the Infinite mind. If you are trapped in this research paralysis, it is time you put your vision into motion.

The second biggest reason for endless ‘vision-eering’ without action is the feeling that the vision is too huge to accomplish. The feeling that tells you that there are no resources, and that you do not have all it takes to bring the vision into fruition. This is like the first, they are like Siamese twins. The Paralysis that comes from here is as a result of taking the whole project at a go, and feeling absolutely stuck and hapless. The remedy again is ACTION. Martin Luther King Jr said ” Faith is taking the first step even when you do not see the whole staircase”. Remember the finite mind? At the time that the finite mind is thinking limitations, impossibilities and difficulty, the Infinite mind at that very same moment has a way out!  The best way out of this is to take small sure and consistent action steps that OVER TIME will accumulate to a massive force of momentum which Darren Hardy fondly calls “The Compound Effect”.

The third reason why I am all talk and no action is fear. Fear of failure, fear of the unknown, fear that others will laugh at me. This is a biggie! Again, talking of the finite mind….at the time that you are busy being afraid of the outcome, at exactly that SAME time, the Infinite has numerous ways out of that predicament. The very first post on this blog was about ‘OVERCOMING FEAR’. Guess what remedy was suggested? ACTION!! This works for me as sure as this morning.Creativity seldom stems out of dormancy. In fact, I am told that there is a certain condition (i forget its name) where the brain sends messages to the body, telling it that it is no longer needed- because of dormancy!

Taking massive ACTION is a powerful way of obtaining unfathomable results. At the time you set out to do something, you might have no clue of its total outcome. However, as you keep at it, as you build momentum, one MANAGEABLE action step after another, the Idea grows daily, and even BRANCHES of to other ideas and causes. In a previous post, we talked about the revolution of Mobile Telephony. We said that if you were asked few years back whether it was possible to send/receive cash, pay bills, and purchase groceries using your cell phone…you would not believe it. Why? Because you did not even have a Cell phone, and had no Idea whether you could own one! But do you think that stopped the revolution? No it did not. Today, so much is done by that small gadget by billions of people. Nothing can stop an Idea whose time has come. Just like a living cell multiplies, so that idea will grow exponentially.

I had the idea to start up this blog last year. However, I too fell into that trap of visioneering without action. However, when I decided to take action, my ideas have grown through leaps and bounds. At the moment, I have over 20 posts-concepts that I am mulling over in the blog. About three of these have already been written, just waiting for the appropriate time to publish. With every post I publish for sure, there are several BRANCHES (read posts) that I can take. There is no way I could feel the truimph I feel with this blog if I never took action.

Taking massive action is one sure way of creating unrivalled momentum with your Idea, your dream, your vision, your Life Signature. It is easy to steer a vehicle in motion than a parked one. Again, it is very difficult to dump things on a moving object than it is to do so on a stationary one.

Ask yourself:
What is my Life Signature?
What is the next intermediate step that I can take towards this Vision?
What is holding me back?
Have i thought it through?
Don’t just sit there, come on. DO SOMETHING!!