January 18, 2011
Are You Wearing our Engagement Ring?
January 26, 2011


It has been said that whatever is conceived in the mind can be achieved. We, the human race are all dreamers and visionaries. Some of us are Stellar Visionaries. When it comes to dreaming, you cannot fail the exam, since we all do have heart’s desires that we would give anything to materialize. I have some dreams that are so deep seated, that anytime I talk about them, I cry. Some dreams can be as common as being a Daddy…as simple as having a University Education, as inspiring as making a difference-but they are all achievable. No dream is impossible.

The following story is borrowed from Visionary Business University (of which I was privileged to attend online some time in 2010). The chief Visioneering officer is Jeffrey Howard of Jeffrey had an interview with Marcia Wieder, a Stellar visionary of Dream University, who has been hosted on Oprah, has met several US Presidents and is the personal Coach to Jack Canfield, the best selling author of Success Principles. This is part of it:

My favorite story – and I guess it’s become the signature story because I tell it so much – but it’s a brief story and I really love this.I was giving a talk in Portland, Oregon and a young man came up to me and he said, “Thank you for your talk today, it really inspired me, I’m a long way from
home.” And I looked at him – he was very tall, very unusual, very dark skin,  almost blue. And I knew he was from far, far away. He had said “I’m a long way from home.”And I said, “Oh, I travel a lot too.” And he said, “Well, this might be a little different you see this is the first Sunday
of my life that I’ve been away from my tribe.”Of course I stopped what I was doing, “Your tribe? Who are you? Where are you from?”And he said, “I’m from Kenya, Africa. I’m part of the Maasai Warrior Tribe.”And I said, “Well, what are you doing in Portland? (laugh)

He Said, “When I was very young, very, very young, I became ill and mother took me to a near-by medical clinic. And from that day forward my dream was to become a doctor, but it was impossible. There was no training,available, and you didn’t leave the tribe,” he said. It just wasn’t done.” He said,“As I grew up. I shared the dream with everyone and everyone including my own family told me to forget it. They told me it was a fantasy. They’d role their eyes at and told me to go back to work.” He said, “but I never forgot it, and recently around my 18th birthday, a visitor came from your country an it turned out that he was a writer for the Washington Post. He wrote my story. A few weeks later, a couple in Portland, Oregon happened to read it. I was invited to apply for undergraduate work. And in a matter of months I was accepted at the University of Portland.” And I looked at him and said, “It must have been the happiest day of your life.” He said, “No, it was the worst day. It was horrific.” My family didn’t have the resources to send me off to America to follow a dream of becoming a doctor. It
just really was impossible.” And he literally said Jeff, he said, “I did the only thing I knew to do. I prayed for a miracle, and that’s what I got. Four families came forward. Each one made the commitment one year apiece to feed me, to house me, to buy my books, to basically love me and be my family while I was so far from home.”

Well, he’s telling the story, and I am a puddle, as you are right now. We just turned into puddles, because it’s just unbelievable. And what he said next is what really makes him one of the great visionaries that I ever met. He said, “But it wasn’t until today when I heard you speak so passionately about dreams, that I really got clear about what I need to do. I need to become
a doctor, of course, that’s my dream. But then I need to go home. I need to go back to my tribe and be an example that no dream is impossible, and the extraordinary things that can happen when we gather together as a tribe or as a team .

Wow! Enough said. The story captivated me so much, seeing that I am a Kenyan, and I got to hear this story online from someone so far away in the US. The biggest part of the story is how Marcia Wieder closes it:

I just hear that story and I think: No dream is impossible. And I don’t care how big your obstacles are, or how little you have, or what the issues are – if you really are committed to your dream. Then I would say, “Put a stake in the ground. Set an intention. Put yourself in right relationship to it with your integrity, because in my work: intention and integrity together form the core building block for making your dreams come true. So it’s not enough to say you want it, you have to do something about it. And when I watch people do
that, miracles do occur.

Go out there and DREAM!