How To Reconnect With Your Life Purpose

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January 5, 2011
January 10, 2011

How To Reconnect With Your Life Purpose

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Lots have been talked about Life Signatures, but one thing that has not been talked about is the HOW. By now, we all know WHAT a Life Signature is. We know WHY it is important to have and pursue a Life signature, and to live a life on Purpose. I am sure there are great questions that are being asked about the concept of Life Signatures. For example: How do I reconnect with my Life Signature? Why on earth am I here? How do I reconnect with my Life Purpose, my Mission? What’s my mission? How do I know that I am living my Life on Purpose? Is Life Signatures only for religious people?

Great questions right there. Today, we are focusing specifically on the HOW. This might not take one blog post to exhaust. However, we will deal with the key aspects of Reconnecting with your Life Mission.

A common story is told of a dad who wanted to distract his son so he could watch his favorite game on TV. (Stay tuned, we will be addressing TV later on, and by the time we are through, you will shoot your tube dead!). No kidding, and no pun intended. The dad’s method was to give his kid a complicated puzzle to piece together. This puzzle was in the form of a world map in the local daily. The smart dad tore that map into pieces, and send the son away with the assignment. Well…like father like son the Smart son came back FEW MOMENTS later with a job well done.

The Dad was shocked! It was now the Dad’s turn to look at his son like he had just gotten off of a bus! “How did you do that?”, he asked his son. “Well dad, on the flip side of the page was the face of a man, all i needed to do was piece the man back together, and the map would take care of itself”. Bummer!

When you take care of a man’s life, his whole world map comes together! For the time being, let us take a look on these two major issues on Life Purpose. They are intertwined:

1. Its Within You, therefore, Look within and not without.

First off, we are talking about reconnecting. Not finding. Finding has a connotation of something being lost, when we talk about Reconnecting, it means that there was a connection, which at some point in time was plugged off. Your Life Signatures is within you. You were created and came to earth marked for greatness, and the greatness is not greatness itself. The greatness is knowing your mission, sticking to it like a stamp on an envelope to the very end, dying empty!

The first thing you need to know in reconnecting with your life Mission here on earth is that it is within you

Lawrence Namale

Therefore, the first thing you need to know in reconnecting with your life Mission here on earth is that it is within you. It is not something you acquire from outside, not something that you pick up and peddle around. On the contrary, your Life Signature is what picks you up when you reconnect, and shows you around the world!

2. It is a HEART Issue:

You have already been calibrated to fulfill your Mission on earth. You are subconsciously aware of your Life Signature. It has to do with the heart, and nothing about the mind. A Life Signature is a function of the things you are passionate about. Things that make you cry. Things that make you ANGRY. Things that are your true heart’s desire.

You are subconsciously aware of your Life Signature.

Lawrence Namale

You realize that they might not be a perfect match with your current vocation. It is easy to know…you dont like the work you are doing…you don’t enjoy your work…and like myself about seven years back, you rebuke your work place every morning before you go there…

3. Your Life purpose is none of the following:

  1. A Job Title
  2. A wish
  3. Attainment of material possessions
  4. Attainment of Financial Freedom
  5. Your academic qualifications

In summary the very place to start looking for your Life Signature is within you. Secondly, find out and enumerate all those thins that:

  1. You are Passionate about
  2. Make you angry.
  3. Make you cry.

We will explore more on the HOW to reconnect with your Life Signature in later posts. Have a great weekend wont you!