4 Reasons Why People Do Not Turn Their Purpose Into Profit – Part 4

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April 5, 2021
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April 27, 2021

4 Reasons Why People Do Not Turn Their Purpose Into Profit – Part 4

T he amazing thing is that our purpose is not so far-fetched. I can promise you that when you finally land on what it is, you will not be surprised any bit. You will always have a familiarity with it. Your purpose is not something so foreign that you cannot grasp it.

In other words, it is one of the most ever present facets of life. Without it, we lack the meaning to be alive in the first place. However, with that being said, up until now, very few people in proportion world-wide have dared to turn their purpose into profit.


There are very many reasons why that is the case. We have discussed the first three reasons in the previous four articles. Let’s finalize the others here.

  1. Ignorance

  2. Status Quo

  3. No Proven Path

4. No Mentoring, Community, Support Group

Trailblazing is not easy. Ask Galileo. First, he held the belief that the earth was not flat. At that time, it was general consensus by everyone (and there was no proof anyway) that the earth was flat. Then, he held the belief that the earth rotated around the sun.

At that time, the general belief was that the earth was the center of the universe. The man was ostracized big time by an institutional religious body that was literally ruling the world at that time. In the end, you and I know that Galileo’s theories came out to be truer than the beliefs of the day.

Newness and Doubts

Whenever there is a new and an unconventional way of doing things, there will be doubts about it. Further than doubts, there will be opposition to it. People do not want to change. People do not want to be proven wrong of the belief that they have held.

But when it comes to purpose, we are seeing the evidence day in and out that what we have on the ground is not necessarily working. People are still jobless even after going to school. The fact that people are jobless does not in any way mean that all the problems of the world are solved! Think about that for a minute.

The Need For Structure

So we find that people that have ideas, a calling, a passion, as well as gifts and talents do not turn their purpose into profit because there is no supporting structure for it. But we can look back in history and see that the fact that there is no supporting structure for some ideology does not necessarily mean that the ideology is wrong!

It is much, much easier to get things done when you have a supporting cast and structure around you. In fact, we build supporting structures for every new born. It is just that the supporting structures we build are conventional and do not resonate with people’s purpose.

Mentors, Peers and More

The purpose supporting structure I am talking about is made up of mentors, peers, and a supporting environment and community. It is easier to get your purpose into profit when you have support, accountability and mentors. When everyone else is waiting on you, it puts a good pressure on you.

But we see very few of such an environment that supports purpose. At the end of the day, people get overwhelmed with purpose to profit journey doing it alone. They find it easier to do the conventional and easily bench their purpose.

4.5. Purpose Maturity Takes Years

I will never forget the culture shock I had when I moved to Ghana some years back. When looking for a residential house, all the landlords required us to pay two year’s rent upfront. I was shocked. In fact, a house could stay unoccupied for those two years because they were waiting for someone who would pay for two years.

That’s the same thing with turning purpose to profit. It takes time. So instead of people getting started where they are with what they have, they would rather bench purpose and look for something else that can sustain them. Invariably, we do get this thing.

The Trap of 30 Days

It gives us sustenance in a cyclic way. We get it in intervals of 30 days. Then we call it a career. Thus, a career is sustained with 30 days’ interval for the rest of your life…and purpose is on the back burner. The funny thing is that this ‘career’ does not come to you at the first asking.

Have you realized how mismatched people are with their skills and their employment? You studied food science but you are now a systems administrator. How did you get employed? You had a degree, that’s what they looked for. Now you are a systems administrator in terms of a career because that’s where your bread is buttered.

Need For Balance

I do understand the need to make money, to survive and to have sustenance. Is there a way we can acknowledge the need for purpose as we build ourselves up elsewhere? Is there a way we can lean into our purpose and stay faithful with it until such a time that it gets profit? There is.

Part of the solution to life is converting our purpose into profit. We have created an online course towards that. The purpose is to know, own, deploy and monetize our God-given purpose which comes in form of our gifts and talents, our passion, our ideas as well as our calling.

You can find the course here: https://bit.ly/purpose2profit-coaching

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