4 Reasons Why People Do Not Turn Their Purpose into Profit – Part 2

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March 25, 2021
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April 5, 2021

4 Reasons Why People Do Not Turn Their Purpose into Profit – Part 2

Y ou would think that this is straight forward, but we have made it as complicated as rocket science. Here is the thing: You and I have purpose. We are gifted. We have passion. We are talented. One way or another. We have ideas and we also have a calling.

However, we live our lives as if the above paragraph is a lie. So we go out in life seeking deeper truths, whatever that means. We do get some truths in the process. We are able to pay bills and occasionally, afford a chicken meal at KFC.

All Along

But all along, purpose is not being converted into profit. At times we are suffering from one thing or another economically but as that is going on, our purpose is still dormant, un-developed and not even thought about. So if it is possible to monetize our purpose, why is it that it is not happening?

1. Ignorance

2. Status Quo

You were born to find a status quo already in operation. This status quo believes that everything about you and your calling is already known. It has therefore gone ahead and prepared a template for you to fit in. The problem is that this template is not unique to you. Let’s back up a little bit before we proceed.

When you are born, you are unique. There is no one the same as you are. You have a different heart set from billions of people in the world ever since existence of mankind. We see this with our fingerprints, eye prints, voice prints and so on.

Our Different-ness

We are all unique and different and that fact is the greatest fact that needs to be used in converting your purpose into profit.

However, status quo with its template does not treat you as unique. In fact, status quo doesn’t even mention your purpose. It doesn’t mention the fact that you are unique. It is the most selfish thing you ever saw. Status quo doesn’t care about you and your best interests.

Doesn’t Care About You

Status quo cares about status quo. It cares about convention, certainty, and culture. It majors in what is known, tried and tested. However, your purpose is not in those parameters. Your purpose is in the unknown. It is not a function of culture, but a function of uniqueness.

Unfortunately, you are raised up to think more about conventions and culture than about your difference in life. While you do that, you are cementing and becoming subservient to the status quo. You are walking away from who you are.


Have you noticed that we put on uniforms, sit in the same classrooms, do the same examinations, and follow the same path all our lives? If you think I am stretching this, take a look at everyone coming out of school in most of the countries of the world. Take a minute or two and ask a majority of them this question: What next?

You will get one answer from all of them…or from most of them. What’s the answer? It will be nothing to deal with their purpose. It will however be something to deal with profit. Purpose is overlooked, but profit is sought.

Once Same Answer?

That is what status quo does. All along, we are gifted, we are different and we are people of purpose. The question is: Do we succeed in this? Do we make it in maintaining status quo? The answer is no. I do not even need to start churning out statistics for you.

Here is the thing though. I am not saying that status quo is bad. I am just saying that it has one answer that is not necessarily applicable to everyone. That’s why the statistics about joblessness are pervasive every succeeding year and in as many nations as possible.

Part of the solution to life is converting our purpose into profit. We have created an online course towards that. The purpose is to know, own, deploy and monetize our God-given purpose which comes in form of our gifts and talents, our passion, our ideas as well as our calling.

You can find the course here: https://bit.ly/purpose2profit-coaching

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