4 Reasons Why People Do Not Turn Their Purpose into Profit – Part 1

4 Reasons Why People Do Not Turn Their Purpose into Profit
March 23, 2021
4 Reasons Why People Do Not Turn Their Purpose into Profit – Part 2
April 2, 2021

4 Reasons Why People Do Not Turn Their Purpose into Profit – Part 1

W hen I started coaching people passionately in the year 2010, I kept receiving this feedback, “I wish someone would have told me these things earlier.” Well, that’s exactly the same thing I told myself when I started learning about my potential, my calling and my passion in life.

As that feedback kept rolling in, I discovered something. My purpose was to make sure that this feedback would no longer be given in the years to come. For that to happen, I knew that people would need to be coached much earlier—by their parents.

From Feedback, an Idea

As a man on purpose, I quickly started preparing a “curriculum” of sorts to use. The idea (steal it if you want, I am not worried about that) was to equip parents to become life coaches to their children. I wrote a book worth over 100, 000 words, which I later learnt that is actually two books in one.

Then something happened. One of my mentors told me that I did not have authority to speak about the subject because I wasn’t a parent. I wasn’t married yet. Even though the passion for that purpose was available, it was crowed out by that feedback and a host of other things.

What Happened?

Fast forward in 2019. Covid 19 happens. All the children are sent back home to their parents. The parents start wondering what they would do with them. All along, the purpose I had about coaching children had been put on the back burner, gathering dust.

I wasn’t able to turn my purpose into profit. We saw in the previous article that “purpose” can be used to mean your calling, passion, your gifts and talents, as well as your ideas. I was passionate about this and it was (and still is) a great idea. But I missed the train.

Why is it so?

I know that I am not the only one that can give you such a story of purpose not being turned into a profit. For sure, there are countless hundreds of millions of people around the world who have purpose. They have a gift or a talent. They are passionate about something. They have ideas and they have a calling…but they also are struggling financially.

There is a solution. However, before we can talk about the solution, let’s talk about what are the impediments. What are the reasons that are keeping people from monetizing their purpose? Why can’t people turn their purpose into profit?

1. Ignorance

It is true that if you do not know what you are looking for, you might not find it. If you do not know how to look for it even if you knew what it was, you will still not find it. If you did not know a process to use to turn your purpose into profit, the purpose will still be with you un-monetized, dormant and unused.

At the very minimum, those who try to monetize it end up begging, but that’s a story for another day. What we need to ask ourselves is this: Where does this ignorance come from? Why is it that people are totally oblivious of what they have and the value that they can create?

Not used to

The biggest reason is that purpose is not treated a mainstay thing in life. As a matter of fact, matters related to purpose have even been put on Masloaw’s pyramid at the very apex—something that you get after you have done many other things in life.

Therefore, many people are unaware that it is possible to turn their purpose into profit. However, this has begun to change over the years. When you see a young toddler earning millions on YouTube, you being to question the rationale of your conventional thinking in terms of work.

Two Things

The thing is this: People are not monetizing their purpose because they are ignorant of two things. First, people are ignorant of the fact that they have purpose. Ask any room full of people if they are gifted, only 3 percent will raise their hands, and not so convincingly either.

It therefore follows that if you think you are not passionate, you have no gifts and talents, you are not called and your ideas are worth nothing, you will not in any way rise to the occasion to monetize your purpose.

Purpose To Profit

Secondly, even for the three percent that are sure that they are people of purpose, they are ignorant of the process that they can use or take to turn their purpose into profit. That is why you find a finely gifted guitarist collecting “alms” in the streets in exchange of their ballads.

Thankfully, we have a process that can help people to stem this ignorance. This will be the first step towards turning your purpose into profit. This course will help you do exactly that: https://bit.ly/purpose2profit-coaching

We shall address the other reasons why people do not turn their purpose into profit in the next article.

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