Can Your Life Purpose Change?

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April 8, 2021
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May 17, 2021

Can Your Life Purpose Change?

Is it possible for you to change your vision quarter way or midway through life? This question has a very straight forward answer, but again, it might be straight forward for a few people and not for everyone.

If we do not have an understanding of purpose, we can easily fail to answer this question well. I think I heard one mighty luminary in the name of Tony Robbins say something to the effect that there is no single purpose in life, that it changes from time to time.

How Do You Approach It?

The idea of purpose can be looked at from different angles. The first way to see purpose is from the ultimate end game. What is the purpose of rain? What is the purpose of a boat? What is the purpose of a Freshian cow? In other words, towards what end is the existence of something?

Moment by Moment?

To me that’s what purpose and meaning are all about. However, you can also look at purpose from the point of view of the moment in time. For example, the purpose for this article is to inspire and educate at the very moment. However, the ultimate purpose of the blog is to help people to understand and deploy their purpose in life.

So what we are saying is that if you get the definition of purpose wrong, then you get the essence of purpose wrong. Consequently, you end up with wrong assumptions and a wrong conclusion.

What’s Your Purpose Definition?

If your definition of purpose is hinged on moment by moment meaning of things, then you are most likely to argue that your purpose can change. If your definition is hinged on the ultimate end game of things, then you will know that that ultimate end game doesn’t change.

What I think changes are the milestones that you take towards achieving the ultimate end game of your life. In other words, your purpose is fixed. It changes not. The ultimate purpose of a smart phone is fixed. It doesn’t change.

Your Purpose is Fixed!

The functionalities and capabilities of the smart phone might change, but the end game is fixed. The purpose of a TV set is fixed. It might have more stations uploaded, might be the one that shows cable from analog and so on, but it’s purpose doesn’t change. It is fixed.

My friend, your purpose is one thing. It changes not. Your focus in life might vary from one thing to another depending on the seasons that you are in, but your purpose remains the same. The intention and destiny of your life is one.

Discover it, Own It, Deploy It

Therefore, I feel we should move and start by first discovering what that purpose is and then see how to navigate our lives with it. Even if we have already made strides in life, I think purpose is something that you can still coalesce to at the end of the day.

The ultimate test of your purpose is on the day you know you are leaving the earth. You will know whether or not you did that which you were supposed to do. Paul the Apostle said just before he died, “I have run my RACE, and I have finished my FIGHT”.

That’s singular. One race. One fight. It changes not.

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