Why Consistency On The Road Less Traveled Helps Birth Purpose

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April 11, 2020
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April 14, 2020

Why Consistency On The Road Less Traveled Helps Birth Purpose

As sure

as you are reading today, you would rather do the normal, the ordinary and the tested than to the opposite. Right now, it is a choice to either read this article or to browse through social media. The path of most resistance is reading this article. The road most travelled is browsing through social media.

You see, the default way of operation for the human being is through comfort, not wanting to stir up the nest as it were. However, the more we are maintaining our paths on the road well-travelled, the less and less we are giving birth to our purpose.

People Want To Know But…

Clearly, very many people would love to know the meaning of their lives, the reason as to why they are alive today. In fact, for the most part, we all want the curtain to be pulled back and we hear a voice unequivocally calling our names and telling us why we were created. That, unfortunately, is not how to birth purpose.

I mean, it would be great if that happened, but for some reason, the one who created us does not do it. He wants us to give birth to our purpose by getting involved in the process. One of the ways of getting involved in the process is to be consistently on the road less travelled.

What is that Road?

The road less travelled is unique to everyone. It is not the same, but each of us has our own unique contexts in which to birth our purpose through going on the road less travelled. As the name suggests, this is what we seldom want to do, and yet it is the right thing to do.

No Rewards

There are several reasons why it is the road less travelled, and for each reason, quite a host of people around the world fail to birth their purpose because of it. First, the road is less travelled because there are no instant rewards with it.

A case in point is physical excercise. You will not be rewarded with it immediately you do it. That’s why it is a road less travelled for many people around the world. The same applies to purpose discovery. You do not birth your purpose on the first day of asking.

Filled with Uncertainty

Secondly, the reason as to why it is the road less travelled is because it doesn’t guarantee comfort, safety and certainty. In fact, that refers both to the process of the journey and the destination. That’s why many people do not birth their purpose. They would rather walk on a road well beaten, tried and tested and with utmost certainty that it is safe and it will take us where we know is safe.


Third, it is the road less travelled because the journey is tasking, and thoroughly laborious. It stretches you to the core and is overly uncomfortable. The thing is that you will never give birth to your purpose if you are not stretched. That just goes without saying!

The Road Less Travelled

What I have come to notice about the road less travelled is that every minute you are on that road, it counts for something. You might not see the results immediately, but something is happening below the surface. It is much like the roots of a great tree. You do not see them grow, but they are. That’s the same thing about giving birth to your purpose while on the road less travelled.

Travelling The Road

In the previous articles, I have been discussing different aspects of the road less travelled ostensibly we can understand how to birth our purpose practically. So far, we have seen four practical ways that you can birth your purpose, as shown in this list below. All these are aspects of the road less travelled:

  1. Doing the Uncomfortable
  2. Doing the Unconventional
  3. Daring
  4. Take a Goliath out

5. Consistently Take The Road Less Travelled

The analogy of travel can easily get us fixated on a practical journey and we forget that there is so much that can be done at the mind, body, spirit and heart level in order to birth our purpose. There are mind intensive things, several of them, that few people seldom practise. This is their road less travelled and as long as it stays that way, it because difficult for one to birth their purpose.

a) Thinking

Let me give you an example. If I woke up and wrote all these words on my blog and something happened and I lost all of them, it will be a devastating thing. I will be beating myself up because those were precious thoughts. Lots of thinking went into it.

You see, thinking is serious business, and very many people do not really think. And yet, even God answering our greatest prayers is constituent upon our thoughts. He says, “I can do…all that you ask or THINK…” You are not giving birth to your purpose without thinking.

b) Meditating

It is one of the biggest roads less travelled. To meditate is to be intentional about the thoughts you welcome in your mind, especially concerning the best possible outcome. You just see things as the best possible outcome that they could be, devoid of the machinations involved in actualizing them. The more vivid the picture, be better. It helps to birth your purpose when you meditate upon it.

c) Setting major goals

They say that only 3% of any population do this. It is a road less travelled. In giving birth to your purpose, you will need to set some goals. As a matter of fact, very many purpose teachers will ask you to set goals as one of the tools to discover your purpose. It is very powerful, simple but not easy to do. That’s why it is a road less travelled.

d) Planning and strategizing

This is thinking on paper. It is considering options. It is tabulating action plans. It is setting resources apart. It is considering partnerships and cracking your head to fill up what’s missing. Strategic planning is critical to any business, and that’s why it is done every year. To consistently do this for your life, you will be giving birth to your destiny. There is no doubt about that.

e) Reviewing

This is where you face the brutal facts to see your progress. A life not reviewed is not worth living, said Jim Rohn. It is a road less travelled because it opens us up raw to see where we have come short. This is important so we can take steps to rectify the situation. It is not done so we can see how useless, lazy, and how far we have failed. It is so we can fix and progress. This activity helps one to give birth to their purpose especially when it is done consistently.

Over to you.