Why Doing the Unconventional Is Critical In the Self-Birthing Process

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April 7, 2020
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April 9, 2020

Why Doing the Unconventional Is Critical In the Self-Birthing Process

If you

examined the way our physical body operates, you will come to the conclusion that maintenance of the status quo, while it grows, is imperative. For example, if you bruised yourself, that very minute, corrective mechanisms are released to deal with the situation.

Interestingly, we tend to follow through life much like our body does. Unfortunately, that kind of outlook only enforces a status quo. It does not help us in the self-birthing process. I have reason to believe that all of us have great and immense potential that can only be unearthed through a considerable process of self-birthing.

Critical Milestones in Life

There are three important days in our lives. The first is the day that we were born. The second is the day that we discover why, and the third is the day that we go through the self-birthing process. The thing with the third day is that it is a process,  and the same applies to the second day. However, the second day does have an end to it. The first day, even though it is our birthing into the world is simply an event.

In life, I would encourage you to be more steeped into processes, cultures than in events, but that’s a point for another day. No man or woman worth his or her salt ever achieved greatness without ever going through the process of self-birthing.

Importance of Self-Birthing

It is through self-birthing that we come face to face not only with who we are but with what we must do. Self-birthing will usher us into a life of meaning and fulfillment. It is possible to go through life for decades on end without ever coming to the crucible of self-birthing.

In an earlier article, we talked about the six prerequisites that will govern the process of self-birthing. There has to be something in the background that is at play for the process of self-birthing to be kicked off and to come full circle.

Practicals to Self-Birthing

However, even after that has happened, there are some practical things that we need to do in order to effect the self-birthing. It is never going to be something that happens arbitrarily. In fact, I have previously indicated that it is a process that will require you to do it alone. That’s why you will be governed by those six prerequisites. They will knot only kick off the process, but they will also fuel it to the very end.

1. Doing The Uncomfortable

The first thing that we discussed that will help you to go through the process of birthing yourself is dealing with what is uncomfortable. Birthing of any nature is of necessity an uncomfortable situation. You will never realize who you really are if you are not willing to face the numerous uncomfortable situations in your life. You can review that article here.

2. Doing the Unconventional

I need to ask you a question. Can you remember the very first time you did something that was out of the ordinary? I will bet that you never went back to normal. That unconventional thing helped you to realize that you can grow. It helped you to realize what you are capable of. It actually marked some sorts of revolution in your life, of the like that you keep referring to every now and then.

No Revolution without the Unconventional

But here is the thing. If you have absolutely no clue about what I am talking about, if you have never done anything unconventional, chances are that you have not gone through the self-birthing process. Interestingly, doing something unconventional is not only beneficial in the birthing of an individual it is also critical in the birthing of an organization.

The Unconventional In the Business World

I do not have time to talk about the top ten companies in the entire world here. But I can tell you this: All of them went through the process of self-birthing largely because they chose to do something unconventional. Other new companies that are causing ripples are that way because of the unconventional ways of operation. Uber does not own cars. Alibaba and Amazon do not own products. Airbnb does not own real estate or hotels.

What they do have is a spirit of doing things unconventionally. Therefore, if you and I wanted to go through the process of self-birthing, we must, of necessity gravitate a lot towards doing the unconventional and actually be comfortable with it.

What it Means

To be unconventional is to go right against the status quo. I can tell you this, that status quo is the greatest enemy of self-discovery and self-birthing. Nobody ever realized who they were by keeping on keeping on what has always been! Those who come to the precipice of discovering their greatness and birthing their destinies are those who chose to do something different, something unaccepted, something feared and something that not everyone else was toasting about.

Status quo is the greatest enemy of self-discovery and self-birthing. Nobody ever realized who they were by keeping on keeping on what has always been! Click To Tweet

The question then will be: how in the world will I do the unconventional? There are just two ways that you can do this.

1. Instinct and Ideas

Every now and then, and perhaps even daily, ideas pass through our minds. There are things that we are passionate about and would want to do them. However, every idea that passes through our mind is always for the most part, going to be an unconventional idea. Otherwise, it is not an idea! If we are going to be unconventional, we have to be daring enough to follow through the idea to the dregs of detail.

The good news is that we are never short of ideas. They are always floating around our minds and around us each waking day if we choose to be alert and alive. Following through ideas that are unconventional is one sure way to know that you are involved in the self-birthing process.

2. Planning to Rebel.

The second way to do the unconventional is to look around your routines and question them. I normally ask religious people to be willing to face criticism and questions about their religion. Each time the face it and answer it, then their belief is cemented.

The same applies to our normal lives. You will be thoroughly shocked about the useless routines that are existing in our lives. At times, it takes a crisis to break us out of own ruts and routines in order to do something that is unconventional.

We simply discover not only a new way of doing things, but we also discover who we really are. We participate in the process of self-birthing, which is one of the most important things we will ever dare to do.

We shall keep these thoughts up in the next episode.