The Sure Way To Monetize Your Potential-Part 1

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August 10, 2018
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August 14, 2018

The Sure Way To Monetize Your Potential-Part 1


ecently, I did a Google search on the phrase, “Gig Economy”. What I read was pretty interesting especially on the subject of potential. Of course the many articles I read on “Gig Economy” did not necessarily talk about potential. Just so that we are on the same page, let me give you the definition of “Gig Economy” according to Investopedia,

In a gig economy, temporary, flexible jobs are commonplace and companies tend toward hiring independent contractors and freelancers instead of full-time employees. A gig economy undermines the traditional economy of full-time workers who rarely change positions and instead focus on a lifetime career.

What It Means

In simple terms, the nature of work globally is changing. No longer will people by creating CVs and making job applications as traditionally has been. Take a look around you. People are becoming tired of job seeking and are consequently creating their own jobs. This is what I mean: Instead of applying for jobs, people are presenting themselves as specialists or “contractors” to organizations. In so doing, organizations will not be having a bloated staff and will not be spending money on salaries for full time employees. This means that the people who will go out of their way to exploit their potential will be the most relevant people on the planet in years to come. As a matter of fact, a report indicates that by the year 2020, 40% of workers in America will be those in the “Gig Economy”.

Why You Should Monetize Your Potential

I am sure that story might be the same in other parts of the world, only that we do not have people that have done the research to compare with American statistics. Nevertheless, it is so obvious today that the job market is nothing like it was just a few years back. It has changed and turned on its head. Young and energetic people are being paid a pittance to do what more than 3 adults used to do and being paid a hefty salary as well as other perks for it. [ictt-tweet-inline]The world today does not have enough space to accommodate everyone that is seeking a full time job, but has enough boundless possibilities for those who will dare to exploit their potential[/ictt-tweet-inline]. The following reasons will show you why it is important to monetize your potential.

1. It is the Intended Design

In one of my several unfinished manuscripts, I ask this interesting question: “Who was the first guy in the world to be declared jobless?” Think about it. You see, it is my firm belief that the intended design for humanity was never that we would have jobs and get fired from them a so on. I am a firm believer that the intended design for humanity was for each one of us to exploit our potential. A job is just but one way that that can be done. Unfortunately we live in a society that makes jobs to be the only option that the whole world has for prosperity. It is not the Divine Design. I am willing to bet on that. So if you are looking for a job and at the same time stifling your potential, you are out of order in terms of living a life of purpose.

2. Status Quo No longer Working

Do I even have to fish out the statistics? Look around you. I mean, start from your own house. How many people are “jobless?” How many are struggling to eke a living? Of those, how many have even tried to use their potential? Now, I am aware that people do try. I will not be one of those speakers that bash people that they are lazy. I know of people who are trying really hard. There is only one sad thing though: In all their trying, most of them are neglecting their God-given potential. The status quo at the moment is predominantly operating on two things: Academics and jobs. You are good at academics, you get a job (and they are so few of them anyway). That’s why some people are faking academic papers…but that a story for another day. Status quo ain’t working!

3. The world still needs help

“There are no jobs” is something you hear over and over again. Don’t be discouraged though. “There are no jobs” does not mean that all the problems in the world have been solved, which means that there is a chance for you to monetize your potential still. Monetizing your potential is about value. Of late, I have been saying that [ictt-tweet-inline]I really don’t get concerned with how much my child is acing his papers at school. For as long as he will not learn to add value to life, he has missed the whole essence of life and potential.[/ictt-tweet-inline] I know someone might say that that is easy for me to say because the child is actually acing. Well, it would be even more convenient and easy for me to say when he is flopping academically because [ictt-tweet-inline]I am convinced that academics is not the silver bullet for success in life. Potential is.[/ictt-tweet-inline]

4. Guarantees Growth and Fulfillment

If you really want to grow that bad, you ought to look at monetizing your potential as the sole thing to do each day. Growth is great especially when it helps you to make an incredible impact on people. The more you deploy your potential, the more problems you solve. The more problems you solve, the more you monetize your potential. In the end, the fulfillment that you get is something that can never be compared to that which you will get from jobs. If you really are interested in growth and fulfillment, look no further than your potential.

5. Provides an Avenue for Self Leadership

I can tell you right here and now that the price to pay for deploying your potential is so steep that people would rather not. It needs a heightened sense of self discipline and leadership. [ictt-tweet-inline]You will never see someone that has fully developed their potential not being regarded as a leader or as an authority leader in their niche.[/ictt-tweet-inline] It is that powerful. [ictt-tweet-inline]The sign that you are developing your potential is seen when your sense of self leadership is admirably high. [/ictt-tweet-inline]That goes without saying.

If these five points convince you to monetize your potential, then welcome aboard. Let’s see how that is done in the next article.