The Sure Way To Monetize Your Potential-Part 2

The Sure Way To Monetize Your Potential-Part 1
August 13, 2018
The Sure Way To Monetize Your Potential-Part 3
August 15, 2018

The Sure Way To Monetize Your Potential-Part 2


he greatest combination that brings fulfillment in life has to do with three things, all related to our potential. The first is purpose. I am sure you saw it coming, since I predominantly talk about purpose on this blog. [ictt-tweet-inline]True fulfillment in life is never achieved away from purpose.[/ictt-tweet-inline] You can take that to the bank. The second thing that has a direct connection to fulfillment is passion. Passion is the energy inbuilt in you that both infuses determination and oozes joy, largely because you are doing what you want to do and it has great meaning to you. The last thing of course is profit. This are the monetary rewards that you get from what you are doing.

Conscious Business Entrepreneurship

The simplest description I can give of Conscious Business Entrepreneurship is where there is profit from passion and purpose. In other words, a Conscious Business Entrepreneur is someone who has found a way of monetizing their potential and purpose. This is interesting because people who operate in natural gifts and talents find it so hard to charge for what seemingly they “did not work for”. That is the wrong approach. [ictt-tweet-inline]We do not charge because we worked, we charge because we created value that solved a nagging problem. [/ictt-tweet-inline]That is a powerful statement to note. Therefore this means that the person that you have served with your gift and talent are so appreciative that they are willing to pay you for the service rendered.

Changing Our Mindset 

So from the word go, we ought to rethink our approach to our purpose and potential. Both us the Conscious Business Entrepreneurs and the audiences that we serve must go through a revolutionary process in our thoughts. First, let’s address the Entrepreneurs. The school of thought that what you earn must be something that you sweated for and toiled for is wrong. [ictt-tweet-inline]Toil and sweat do not necessarily equate to value addition and problem solving.[/ictt-tweet-inline] Do not get me wrong.

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There is a place for working hard most certainly. However we need to find out “towards what end are we working hard?” In other words, at the end of the day, have we added value? Have we solved a problem? Have we offered exemplary service? Have we wowed? When we go out and exercise our potential and it flows seamlessly and we have added value, we shouldn’t be scared to charge for it. Howe else do you think God expects you and I to make it in life?

The Mindset of Our Audiences

When they saw him exercising his potential, the people that saw Jesus Christ growing up took him for granted. They said “he’s just a carpenter’s son.” Consequently, they did not value his work. That is still the greatest irony in history of Conscious Business Entrepreneurship. We live in a society where strangers appreciate our work more than our clansmen do. That mindset has to change. The mindset of paying for an arm and a leg for something from a stranger, and letting our friends and loved ones “work for free” to “help around”. Think of it this way: If your son for example was not there to help you with playing the drums, I am almost sure you would hire someone and pay them top dollar for it. So why is it that you are taking your son’s gifts and talents for granted? Why aren’t you helping him monetize his potential?

The Four Step Process of Monetizing Potential

Certainly, we have to realize that the world is changing. By 2020, it is reported that 40% of workers in America will be working in the “Gig Economy”. That tells you that those of us who chose to start maximizing our potential are the ones that will be relevant in the work world to come, because we are developing our value. The world tomorrow is no longer interested in how many academic papers you have, at least for the most part of the informal and also increasingly, the private sector. When I want my logo designed, I am not interested to know which university you went to for Graphics Design. I want you to show me three samples that I can select one from. If you are that good, we will do business for a very long time. I hope you get my point.

Step 1: Gain Knowledge

The very first step of monetizing your potential is to have knowledge of it. We spend so much time studying things and all the while neglecting to have the knowledge of our potential.

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The saddest thing you will see in the world today is a population that is filled with knowledge in things that do not matter. All the while, your potential lies un-excavated. You are uninformed that you are “powerful beyond measure”. You are unaware that you have diamonds in you and around you. And so you do not look anywhere in you or around you. You end up comparing, competing, hustling and bustling to look for a job or to climb the corporate ladder. All this while, your spark is crying out to you for help, but you wouldn’t listen.

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I encourage you to get full knowledge of what your potential is. The interesting thing is that you already have an idea of what you are good at. Conscious Business Entrepreneurship is about maximizing your innate strengths and making a profit out of them. Your knowledge should be about the following:

  1. Knowledge of your potential
  2. Knowledge of your audience
  3. Knowledge of your audience’s pain
  4. Knowledge of your value add to your audience based on your potential

These four bodies of information are what I consider the greatest education you can give to your child. I have said it over and over again, that I am not really concerned how much my child aces his academics. That is just a basic. The main thing is the above four. So from the youngest of ages, I will be seeking to help them have knowledge in the four. Once that knowledge is available, we are ready to work. Let’s pick this up in the next article.