The 6 Pillars of The Fullness of Your Glory – Part 3

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August 3, 2019
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August 6, 2019

The 6 Pillars of The Fullness of Your Glory – Part 3


way we were created is phenomenal. We are not just flesh and bone. There is more to us than that. In living the fullness of our glory, there are internal indicators that will give us instant feedback as we go along.

These internal indicators will tell us whether we are on track or not. There is no way you will veer off the path of your own fullness of your glory and fail to see. There will always be an inner witness that will keep “correcting” you whenever you are off track.


Over the past three articles, we have been discussing the subject of the fullness of the glory of the human at individual levels. If you wanted to revisit they “why” behind this series, then this article will be of great service to you, for I do not want to repeat myself.

I can only say this: I believe that the ultimate and highest reason for the existence of the human being is to show off his full magnificence and glory. There is no higher purpose for our lives other than that.

We have been discussing over the past two articles the 6 Pillars of the fullness of the glory of the human.

The First Pillar

It is about uniqueness. Each person has their own unique responsibility to shine their own light on the face of the earth. Each time we dim our lights by veering off the course of the fullness of our glory, we are doing a great disservice to creation. Sadly we seldom lift our heads from the pursuits of life to realize this great omission. You can read about that here.

The Second Pillar

This is about Usefulness. This is to say that you cannot live to deploy the fullness of your glory if there is no component of your impact in society. We were not created to come and fend for ourselves. We were primarily created to be solution providers to others. More of that here.

I watched a clip where former heavyweight boxer Mike Tyson lamented the choices that he made in life. He remembers using all his money on himself. He now realizes that that was not deploying the fullness of his glory. Hopefully, he has woken up to do something positive about that situation.

The Third Pillar: Ultimate Fulfilment

Referencing Mike Tyson, I think he is on to something. It is reported that Iron Mike became a force to reckon with in the world of Boxing at a very early age. Coming from a disadvantaged background, his talent ultimately led him to a huge income.

It is reported that for every suit colour Mike Tyson had, he purchased a corresponding Rolls Royce! He most definitely wanted to compensate with acquisitions the horror he went through as a child. Any observer would have told you that Mike Tyson was at the fullness of his glory in a boxing ring.

Inside-out, not outside-in

What Mike was failing to realize though is that fulfilment is not obtained by acquisitions. It is obtained by deployment as we discussed in the previous article. It is a great thing to note that Mike Tyson was cultivating his gifts and talents and thereby acquired some form of fulfilment from it.

The thing with life is that you will not live the fullness of your glory if you are not fulfilled in the process. There are two ways of being fulfilled:

  1. Daily Fulfilment:

    This is what Iron Mike Tyson was experiencing in his boxing career. He was doing what he loved. Even when it was treacherous, even when he had to stretch himself each waking day, there was a level of contentment that he was doing what matters to him.

    I do not think we can shine in the fullness of our glory if we are engaged in something that we hate each waking day. Yes, I am aware that for some seasons in time, we must do what we have to do in order to get an opportunity to do what we want to do.

Survive or Thrive

However, if we are doing what we must do on a daily basis, the energy there is negative for the most part. Unfortunately, living a life of survival does not help us shine the fullness of our glory. It is mainly because we were never intended to “Survive” in the first place. We were intended to thrive.

We can only thrive to the degree that we have fulfilment on a daily basis. If you check your life today and you do not see any fulfilment, if you look back and cannot remember a single day that you were fulfilled with your vocation, your glory is not shining to the fullness of what it was supposed to.

  1. Ultimate Fulfilment

    This comes probably at the end of one’s life or at the close of one’s cause. For the most part, this fulfilment is derived from gaining your life by giving it away in the service of others. It is strongly connected to doing what you were born to do in the first place.

You will not find a person who lives his purpose unfulfilled. On the contrary, it makes no difference what you spend your efforts on each waking day to be fulfilled if you are not doing what you were called to do. There will be that momentary bliss that you get.


That is why the addictions in life are that dangerous. Addiction gives you a momentary fulfilment or a momentary high. If you are addicted to anything, you have already dimmed the fullness of your glory.

Addiction mostly means that you are not in control. So the next time that you are feeling “fulfilled” and you are not in control of yourself, that is a phoney form of fulfilment. The fullness of your glory will be attained when you are fulfilled in a wholesome way. The easiest way to get that done is to live a life of purpose.

Therefore, fulfilment is one of the most notable pillars of living the fullness of your glory. It has to be glorious, joyous and impactful. Otherwise, it’s just drab.