The 4 Ways Being A Finisher Helps Deal with Self-Deficiency

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August 23, 2019
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August 27, 2019

The 4 Ways Being A Finisher Helps Deal with Self-Deficiency


will say it like a broken record: Self-deficiency will robe people of their greatness more than anything in life. Someone said that if the enemy within is conquered, the enemy outside can do us no harm.

This is so true. The thing with self-deficiency is that it does not discriminate against people in any way. You will find self-deficiency even at the highest levels that you did not expect.

Fortify Yourself

In other words, self-deficiency is not something that you conquer once and forget about it. If you let your guard down, that enemy might sneak into your heart unbeknownst to you and do you some great damage.

It is important therefore to fortify ourselves against this enemy of self-deficiency. What we need to do is to feed our internal power to levels of invincibility.


Self-deficiency has many symptoms and one of them is people shrinking back from life. Inherently, they think that they do not deserve or they are not good enough. Therefore they would rather not even bother participating. Touch down self-deficiency.

The interesting thing that we have to do is the exact opposite of what self-deficiency makes us not to do—take action. We have already spoken about this in the previous article.

Finish What You Started

However, it is not just an activity that will help you fortify your inner self against self-deficiency. It is finished, polished and excellent action that will put the icing on the cake of your self-efficacy and personal power.

You see, nothing bothers us more like having unfinished businesses hanging around us. If anything, the mere sight of unfinished business sends negative signals to our psyche and feeds the self-deficiency. We end up being stuck and feeling like we are not powerful enough.

Taking action is a powerful way to start fighting self-deficiency. Something happens when you are engaged. Some chemicals are released in your system that makes you feel good. Those, however, are temporary.

Sustaining the Momentum

Feel-good factors cannot sustain the onslaught against self-deficiency. It has to be overcome by some strong and tangible evidence. That evidence is nothing but a finished action point.

In other words, Yes, let the feel-good factors be released from your body as you take action and let them propel you to finish what you have started. It is only once you have finished something that an unequivocal message is wired into your brain that you are valuable.

How Finishing Helps

That is why we have to learn to be excellent finishers. Before we can see how to be excellent finishers, let us discuss the four ways finishing will help fight the enemy of self-deficiency:

  1. Finishing is Accomplishment:

    You will seldom see an accomplished person feeling self-deficient. Hardly. If anything, feelings of pride and self-efficacy are always cemented whenever something has been accomplished.In fact, when you finish something and finish it well, not only will you dispel feelings of self-deficiency from your life, but people will also notice your greatness.

    When people recognize the greatness that is inside of you and tells you as much due to the fact that you have accomplished something, it goes a mighty long way in cementing your personal power and deal ruthlessly with your self-deficiency.

  2. Finishing Creates Momentum:

    I have learnt that finishing is not the end, it is always a new beginning. I have also learnt that unless you finish, every new beginning that you engage in is always a false one.

    Let me qualify that. Finishing does not necessarily mean that something came to a logical Finishing means that you did all you could on your part and there is nothing left for you to add. In other words, you cannot be faulted for the attempt that you made.

    When you do not finish something though, inherently something negative is already hanging on your psyche and will always be haunting you even when you have new starts. It ends up causing apathy.

    However, every great finish will always free you so much to start something else or to build up from where you left off. Finishing will always give you a great push, a great motivation and a great inspiration to get going. Every time you have momentum, you have an opportunity to kill self-deficiency.

  3. Finishing Inspires New Ideas

    Finishing will not leave you empty. As you are doing something, new ideas will always crop up. I never saw someone with new ideas that stemmed out of their action feeling bad about themselves.

    I can guarantee you one thing: The person that finished is not necessarily the same person that started. The person that finished is a better, grown person.

    This person is now equipped to deploy the new ideas that have arisen. The more ideas you have, the more action you are engaged in. The more action you are engaged in, the better you feel about yourself. That kills the feelings of self-deficiency.

  4. Finishing Attracts Respect From Others

    I know that we cannot bank on other people to empower our inner self. However, when you are a finisher, you automatically earn the respect of other people. Their respect becomes they a by-product of your action and not the main agenda, not the main thing that you were looking for.When you feel respected by others in one way or another, it helps a lot if you have feelings of self-deficiency in you.

So you can see how critical finishing is. Learning to finish things is important. I think the following should be put into consideration if you want to be an excellent finisher.

  • Learn to plan: Anything worth finishing must be consummately planned and thoroughly reviewed.
  • Get Started: Kill procrastination. There is never a perfect start. There is never a perfect time to start. But getting started will give you enough push and momentum to finish
  • Consult: Don’t go it alone. Ask for help. Ask for advice. Ask for resources. Sometimes we do not finish because we have come short one way or another, especially being alone.
  • Be Accountable: Throw your heart in the ring and let someone follow you up
  • Set a Dude Date: Nothing empowers dreams as a deadline does
  • Eliminate distractions: Switch off the phone, move away into a cabin, switch off the TV etc. Distractions have the power to stop you, so stop them before they get started.

Over to you.

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