February 5, 2011
Happily Never After: It’s Now or Never
February 10, 2011


Darren Hardy is an Author of the most popular book called ‘The Compound Effect’. He is the Publisher of Success Magazine, where he features every month, a successful individual either in business, sports, or live in general. According to Darren Hardy, the two most important and common elements of successful people are a) An ardent desire to continuously keep learning and b) A constant habit and discipline of goal setting.

As a reader, I have always come across book titles that scream ‘Revised and Expanded’. Ever wondered whty the books are revised and expanded? Ever wondered why there is Spiderman, then Spiderman 2, 3, and so on? One of the reasons is that things change, seasons move, paradigms shift…so the author must stay relevant. Nevertheless, one of the MAJOR reasons as to why there are revised and expanded editions is what we are exploring today.

Ideas are always floating through our minds in droves on any particular day in time. It is the habit of downloading those ideas and running with them that distinguishes people to live lives by design. In fact every person has their visionary and creative element wired into them. The practical and strategic part is what sets successful apart from the rest of the crowd…because that part is normally an implementation part. This is what we have referred to as ‘Action Attraction’ on a different post. I have always been amazed by this period. it is one of the most liberating, exciting and alive moments that a human being can have-Being in Action, Implementing Stuff..and solving problems. This is why people are paid really.

The reason as to why this is an alive moment is that the original idea will always expand through leaps and bounds, an element that I have fondly called ‘Branching’ several times on this blog. When I am alive, I can almost always work for hours on end receiving massive downloads and creating frameworks for them as I move along. Nothing is more creative than this. The artist will add finesse to his painting after sketching it. You do not start with focusing on finesse..you start by sketching the painting.

Unfortunately, this is where many people miss the point.We will be posting a follow-up content about ‘Happily nEVER AFTER’ some time soon. People wait for finer details to get started…finer details wait for people to get started so they can show up. Jesus said, “The Kingdom of God is like a mustard seed….” God is not in the big bang! Big is big because big started small. Big is big because big started small and coalesced over time. Big is big because big started small and coalesced over time and gathered massive momentum that took small to places it would never reach if it did not start. Big is big because small GOT STARTED!

In his book ‘Wealth Transfer’, Matthew Ashimolow, the founder of KICC London says the following about ideas:
Te mail on Sunday, a British Newspaper on April 16th listed six people who had great ideas but never really made much of it and never profited from it.
Software Genius Gary Gildall invented the first operation system for a personal computer. However, when invited for a meeting at IBM, he went flying. Bill Gates went on to sell his own MSDOS. The rest is history.
Kane Kramer, a British gentleman designed and sketched tout the first iPod in 1979 but did nothing with it. Today, the iPod has taken over the world. He remains a store man at a furniture showroom in Hertsfordshire, England!
So, what Idea have you downloaded lately?  Better yet, what Idea are you running with currently? Don’t tell me that you have no Idea! I can guarantee you that no visionary has all the aspects of his/her dream figured out to the latest dregs of details before they begin…Get started on that download you have. I challenge you that sooner or later, your small idea will grow. I can even bet that as you really implement that idea, you will have several Revised and Expanded Editions that are valuable to society.