February 3, 2011
February 8, 2011


The Movie “In Pursuit Of Happiness” depicts what most of my friends call a hustler. That’s a word used by many people these days. You ask someone “what are you up to?” and they say: Man am just hustling.
No doubt by now, every follower of this blog realizes that we write mostly about PURPOSE, SIGNIFICANCE, OTHERS and LEGACY. This is one vast topic to exhaust. It is so exciting to know that everyone is somebody…but it is also sad to know that few people realize the revolution behind that realization.

As a follow up to a previous post on ‘How to Reconnect with your Life Purpose’, I have been mulling over three crucial components as far as Life Signatures are concerned.

Leadership by the Spirit: We all know that the whole concept of Life Purpose is that we are not our own…otherwise why bother about Life Purpose? We are who we are because we were fashioned and purposed to be who we are by God
In order to live a Life Full of Purpose, the first thing I have to do is to maintain a constant presence of acknowledgement of who I am and whose I am…it is from that realization and cultivation of that Relationship that I will continually download the details of my life purpose. I am thoroughly convinced that those details are never downloaded at once….just that I have a vision and Mission statement is not a ticket to stop dreaming…its rather a door that connects me to my Path of life. That Path of Life is open with myriads of potentials and possibilities as I walk on it.

Unique and Special Attributes: Everyone has their unique and special attributes in life. Someone said “Do you, be yourself because every other position is already taken” The biggest favour I can do to myself is to be extremely clear on my special attributes. Every book I read about purpose and success talks about Clarity of Goals, clarity of vision, clarity of purpose. It is from this clarity that I will develop my niche. In a Previous post, we talked about ‘Your Masters, Your Life Signature’, which is a very expounded topic on the subject of clarity.

Finally, we need to find a way in which we can be of service with our special Attributes and talents. When recently talking to my mentor, the told me to forget focusing on how much more money I can make, but focus instead on how much value I can add in life. The more I add Value, guess what, the more money I make.  In this regard, I definitely need to Identify who can benefit from my unique talents and attributes. I further need to identify the ten FAQs that the people in my market are asking. Then develop Valuable solutions to their FAQs by forming frameworks and platforms that can help them.
Ladies and Gentlemen, that is the KISS of Life Signatures…you cannot keep it simpler than that.
Have a great weekend, wont you?