Happily Never After: It’s Now or Never
February 10, 2011
February 15, 2011


I cannot remember where, but a few weeks back I was listening to someone speak. He happened to mention how roll calls are done in the army…specifically when at war. Names would be called and you would be required to respond. If you do not respond…you are presumed MIA (Missing in Action), which could mean, among other things that you are a war casualty…either dead or injured.

Week in and out, we have been talking about Life Signatures. We have been exploring about living a life on purpose, designing it and leaving a legacy behind. The analogy of an army or the military almost certainly brings in that aspect of DISCIPLINE. There is no question about the fact that success in life is directly proportional to the level of discipline that a visionary decides to maintain.

Showing up‘ is a powerful phrase that I and my two friends discussed yesterday. We were talking in terms of being present, standing to be counted…whether you are worthy or not…in the Spiritual circles. Showing up is when a ‘wounded’ spiritual soldier chooses not to run away in shame, but stands up in silence before his Master and friends…kind of to proclaim ‘ still in the game’. That was a powerful discussion, needless to say.

It dawned on me however that one’s success is not necessarily cosy all the time. Sometimes a Visionary feels unworthy, unable, spent and weary in his quest to succeed. Sometimes the Dream of your Life Signature is so vast that gauging from where you are, you feel overwhelmed and defeated. Most Visionaries give up here altogether. My advice is that you just ‘SHOW UP’. You might be so overwhelmed by stuff at the moment, but just show up anyway.

Showing up‘ is proclaiming to yourself and consequently to the whole world that you have put your stake on the ground, you have drawn a line in the sand, and no matter what, you are still counted for your Dreams to come to pass.It is the tenacity that a Visionary has that breaks through shame and discouragement. It is the mental strength to out-wait failure (read feedback), and defy voices that tell you to quit or ‘you are not worthy’. It is that whisper to your troubled soul that says ‘one more push’. ‘Showing up‘ is the humility that a Visionary possesses knowing that the dream, the vision, the purpose is much bigger than himself.

Showing up is a major affront to discouragement, a major statement in the Spiritual realm that you understand that what is your present reality is not in fact a permanent situation. It is telling yourself and encouraging yourself that ‘absence of evidence is not the evidence of absence’. That is what showing up is all about. Battered, wounded, swept off-course, but show up anyway. The dream has not yet materialized….that doesn’t mean that it will not materialize. Show up oh great visionary,just show up!!!