February 13, 2011
February 18, 2011


Today’s post will be short and precise…sounds like repetition, but that is OK, I am the President around here and I can certainly tweak things here and there to suit myself. That is one advantage of being President over something. I remember few years back in Kenya, It was treasonable to declare yourself President over anything-even your own family!

Anyway, the concept of Life Signatures resonates well with the concept of being President. Presidency denotes order, power, responsibility, leadership, Passion, Vision. A good Presidency makes the country proud and prosperous. In people’s individual lives, they are either subjects being governed or Leaders, dictating the outcome of things.
As I drove home today from work, I had a good discussion with a friend that was riding along with me about Life Signatures. He was so inquisitive about the whole business of Life Signatures. I referred him to some information I read just a few days about the four Realities of Life. We will examine these four to determine whether you are the President of your Life. (There is a difference between President and Master…but that is for a later post)

  1. The Fog: This reality is what personal development gurus attribute to more than 84% of the world’s population. In the Fog, you do not know what you are looking for in life…neither are you living a life in pursuit of significance and legacy. You are not President yet…but you could be if you start your Purpose Quest right there. If not, you get to the next state in your fog.
  2. The Treadmill: Mirage, Illusion, Motion Vs Progress. You are really busy, churning activity upon activity, yet getting nowhere. Yes, we have said that ACTION is absolutely crucial in Life Signatures. It is good to be zealous but be zealous for the right thing (work smart). There is slight satisfaction at the end of the day in ‘tread milling’, but the for most part, life is lost since there is little joy, freedom and purpose in tread milling. The experience in tread milling is however vital for those who will choose to become Presidents in their own right, after clearing the fog.
  3. Disillusionment: Comes as a result of taking a toll, looking inside, comparing yourself to others in relation to what you have accomplished. You feel so frustrated and kind of like a failure. This reality almost always follows the Treadmill. Since you were not clear about what you want, you engaged in Motion without necessarily getting progress, you end up disillusioned. There are many phases or times that this occurs.
  4. One More time: Try again. Insanity. Repeat the process. This is one of the most unfortunate realities. It spans lifetimes for the most part. A parent feeling disillusioned does not ‘wake up’ from this cycle…and inevitably takes the next generation faithfully through it. This is the sad realities of our lives, especially if we are rigid to change. Doing the same thing over and over again, and each time hoping to get different results spans generations upon generations that refuse to evolve.

By now you already know that the heart of the matter here is being absolutely CLEAR about what you want. Do you have a Vision for your Life? For your Family? Your Finances? For your Life Signature? Is it so clear to you that you communicate this vision with Passion so that people can see it, articulate it with CLARITY so that people can get involved in it? God Almighty said: My People Perish due to lack of knowledge.
My admonition is to get clear and be in the driver’s seat of your life, and not the subject. When will we call you Mr. President?