February 15, 2011
February 23, 2011


“Excuse me sir, may I go out”. If you were raised in any rural school especially in Kenya, you would understand that this is a standard statement that kids are TAUGHT to use to gain permission to visit the facilities…ok the loos…Ok..the toilet! Other kids elsewhere am sure they have better code words to use…but at the end of the day, they get the PERMISSION.

That is the key word here: PERMISSION. In talking about Life Purpose and Passion, it has always interested me to note that the MINDSET we possess is extremely crucial for success.

There definitely is such a thing as Success Disorder. It is so subtle that even those who truly are willing to succeed in one way or another suffer from this disoder. Come to think of it…do we have people who want to earn 10 times more than they are earning now?  Do we have people who would want to improve their relationships? Do we have people who would really enjoy some time on holiday in a cruise ship? Do we have people who would give anything to get a better job? Better yet, do we have people who dream day in and out of being a meaningful specific? Yes on all counts!

Question: Why are they/we not experiencing that which we desire/want to have, be and do yet we have longed for it/them for years on end? Ever thought about that? That is what Success Disorder is all about. You could spell success disorder this way: PERMISSION. According to Noah St. John, Success Disorder is what happens when a person develops a deeply negative SELF BELIEF, and UNCONSCIOUSLY develops a pattern of behaviour marked by an aversion to or pushing away of success.
The most intriguing thing about success disorder is that it does not take place in the Conscious mind.It takes place over time within the subconscious mind. It is slowly wired in day in day out depending on how we are ‘taught’, or what we experience in life. Therefore, the conscious mind is busy saying things like “I am going to be rich”….yet the subconscious mind retorts “Remember, you can never be rich”.  According to Noah St.John, the unconscious mind is even bigger thant he concious mind, and much more powerful. It dictates the way things will gravitate in anyone’s mind. 
Permission to succeed is effectively given by the subconscious mind, through eliminating head trash. We will be talking about our ‘environmnet’, and our fuel system at a later post.

If we are to deal with success disoder, there are three things that we can do.

  • Nip in the Bud: This is where we train, mentor, coach, and motivate the ‘intrinsic’ age and rightfully calibirate their minds for success. I firmly believe that this is done in the home-school setting, parent/guardian and child relationship. This process not only helps the child develop a powerful success mentality, can do attitude, and champion outlook, but also enhances the relationship with the parent/guardian. This, I strongly believe, cannot be abdicated to House Helps, or primary school teachers. One of my Missions on earth is to develop the necessary frameworks as far as nipping in the bud is concerned.
  • Affirmations: It is said that one of the ways to train the subconscious mind is to repeat something over and over again. Affirmations is one of the ways you can use to re-calibrate your mind, and actually give yourself PERMISSION to succeed. An affirmation is something like “I am wealthy and live a life of abundance”. However, according to Noah St. John, due to the calibration of your subconscious mind, whenever you declare something of that nature, the subconscious mind retorts due to the pre-programmed mind of reality. Just like you cannot have a computer give you output for which it was not calibrated. That is where AFFORMATIONS come from. Afformations are basically affirmations stated in form of questions. The mind works like the google search engine, always generating answers for questions, and not STATEMENTS.
  • Get rid of the Garbage: TV shows especially soaps, Newspapers, Constant Negative News, gossip, slander, course language are all forms of Garbage. Granted, you might get such good stuff from a TV show, like the one I am launching soon that Inspires you to succeed…however, for the most part it is simply garbage. Remember, you are personally responsible to what you expose yourself to. We have said in this blog that you choose to DESIGN your life, and part of that choice is what you will expose your mind to.

I am sure you realize by now that in order to succeed, you must give yourself permission to succeed, not at the conscious level, but at the subconscious level. This is extremely SUBTLE…and critical for that matter. You do not need to be motivated to succeed really…you are already motivated. What you might need is to give yourself PERMISSION to succeed.
Over to you.