God is A Goal Setter-Final Installment
April 12, 2011
To Wed or Not to Wed…Now that’s the Question
April 16, 2011


I was’nt going to do this post, however the events of the past few minutes have neccessitated it. Indeed, as I sit down and reflect on what has just taken place, I realize that there are two major lessons that I can share with you. My heart is overwhelmed, after being swang from on extreme to the next in a space of one hour.
This is the story. In less than three days from now, I will be getting married to Beth, my greatest friend and companion. This has been in the offing for quite a while, since the last quarter of last year. Well as you know, such a scnenario calls for planning, dreaming and visualizing.

There is one crucial aspect that Beth and I have kept locked in our minds for months now. I am sure she has seen herself in that particular aspect again and again and again. In our minds that was and is the ideal scenario that we really would love.

So what happened is this. A service provider calls me to a meeting (without Beth’s presence), and treats me like a King. Anyway, after exchanging pleasantries, they tell me humbly and apologetically that what we desired will not take place…of course they gave me good enough reasons for me to let them off the hook, which I did. Lesson Number 1: Never make a decision that involves your fiance/wife alone, and then communicate the decision you made to her. Long story short, Beth was not amused. This is three days to the day, and I am busy saying ‘Yes’ to a cancellation before talking to Beth! Wrong move. My gal stuck to her guns, that what she wanted and budgeted and paid for was what she wants and was what she will get!
Now, in my mind, I had already accepted the ‘NO’. I had already accepted the ‘alternative’ to the Desired. I did not exude enough staying power to counter the No. Not Beth! She totally refused to take No for an answer and stuck to her guns. Long story short, whatever it is the provider had said was ‘IMPOSSIBLE’ in a few minutes of ‘discussions’ with Beth, it now is possible.

Makes you think of how many times we accept what life gives us instead of what we really desire right? How many times have we heard that word NO and just accepted it at face value? This scenario has really taught me quite a bit. The question to ask here I think is “How Badly do you want it?” If you want it bad enough, you will not even entertain the No for an answer. There is no way that No will be a possibility! What a lesson I have learnt today.

But that is not all. There is another lesson that stems from this. The message of self awareness is absolutely critical. I came to realize how I respond as in individual. One of the reasons as to why I said yes to the No is that I tend to shun and avoid controversy like a plague. That is the way I am. Is that good or bad? That depends on how I manage it. However, you need to be absolutely AWARE about yourself. Your temeperaments and all. Jay Niblick is an Author of a book called “What’s Your Genius”, as well as the founder or Innermetrix.
He has a profiling system called DISC, that was developed somewhere in the 50’s. His system is a software model that runs through your answers and profiles you accordingly. D is for Dominace, I for Interractivity, S for Stability and C for Cautiousness. In the situation at hand, my level of Cautiousness was greater than Dominance. Beth’s Dominance was greater than my Cautiousness. You see, we need to be aware of these things. Both Beth and I have taken the DISC profiling and we have our results.
Guess what, You can also take the DISC profile test. In a space of 15 minutes in one sitting, Innermetrix will give you a 23 page PDF on your own profile. Isn’t that good or what? The better part here is that it is absolutely free. In fact, Tony Robbins was so blown away with this idea that he provides the profiling at his website. I will admonish you to go there and do your own profiling. Once done, kindly post your comments here on your findings. I will really appreciate to hear from you. Find your profiles HERE, and have an awesome day!