To Wed or Not to Wed…Now that’s the Question

April 12, 2011
April 24, 2011

To Wed or Not to Wed…Now that’s the Question

From ever since time was created to date, the advent of weddings has always elicited charged emotions to the families and friends as well as the whole community of the bride and groom. As time has passed, weddings have become a multi million dollar business…well to the event managers and event planners, decorators and other service providers. Week in and out, weddings of different types and sizes take place, some reflective of a couple’s dreams, others reflective of showbiz.

On this very day, at exactly 9:00 am EAT, my official wedding ceremony will kick off at Watoto Church in downtown Kampala, Uganda. This month for me is an exciting month.I have at least two major transitions taking place: I am getting married; and I am growing older at the same time. I was born on April 10th, so happy birthday to me too.
Well, lest you think that I have totally lost touch with the message of this blog, you will be a little bit surprised that I have this uncanny way of squeezing Life Lessons out of just about anything.

Today’s lesson or lessons are MAJOR as far as Life Signatures are concerned. The heart of the matter here is this: the unfortunate thing about most people who wed is that that is the only season in their lives that they sit down to DESIGN the kind of life that they want. Isn’t that unfortunate? After the wedding is gone, and the guests have left, and the baby has come, what other time do you find an individual or a couple spending MONTHS ON END planning, strategizing, gathering resources, communicating, overcoming et all to design the kind of LIFE that they want? Does that happen often?
The marrieds who are reading this will bear me out that by the largest percentage, the last time they sat down to really scratch their heads on what they wanted was at their wedding day! Yet, the wedding is just a day. The wedding is simply a doorway into another uncharted waters of your LIFE.

I can guarantee you this, that if we all spent the time, the sweat, the thinking, the envisioning, the planning, the strategist, and everything else that is needed to FOCUS on the kind of LIFE OF LEGACY that is wanted, and if we implement the same energy and drive we put into our wedding preparations, I gotta tell you this: the world, YOUR OWN WORLD will be a much better place.
Don’t tell me you do not know how to make a strategic plan for life…especially if you are married. You should be having one! It starts with DESIRE. What do you desire/want to be, have, do or become? Don’t tell me you don’t have a desire…you DO! Now write that desire (s) down. Put no limits. One of the biggest impediments with my coaching students is that issue of limiting themselves. Well, take a look at weddings…do couples most often set out to have a wedding function that is directly proportional to their income? Hardly! Everyone dreams BIG, and that is what you should do with your life.

The second thing that most people do when they are planning for their wedding is to COMMUNICATE. After writing down your heart desire for the kind of life you want to lead, spread the message abroad…to the PEOPLE THAT MATTER. That is key. Of course thirdly you set a DATE for which you want to wed. Now that speaks of commitment. When I set my date, I gave myself the opportunity to overcome each and every excuse for my desire not to happen. Think about it this way…supposing my bride does not have a bouquet of flowers at our wedding…will that stop us from taking the vows? Will we cancel the wedding? The assigning of the date gives you a big picture kind of focus. That is the same thing you should do with your life. At what time, age or year do you want your net-worth to be a certain number of dollars? Set that date. At what time do you want to go on vacation at the Namale Islands? Set that date…you get the point?
Next, most people will select a wedding committee. This is extremely crucial. This committee basically charts out the STRATEGIC PLAN for the wedding. My question is….do you have a STRATEGIC PLAN for your own life that you desire? I heard Dani Johnson say the other day that  the strategic plan for 25% of Americans for financial freedom is the lottery! And we all know that when America sneezes….anyway.

The last thought is this….have you ever heard of a a couple that desired to have a wedding, planned for it and failed to achieve that desire? That is seldom what we hear! For the most part, what they desire and plan to do almost always comes to pass with an amazing degree of detail of their initial vision! That should teach as something today…should’nt it? That whatever we put HEART ENERGY on, with time, will come to fruition. Your heart’s desires have Heart Energy on them…a HEARTSET. The question I am asking today is…are you going to wed or are you not going to wed? I am speaking of a life of Legacy. Now, the answer to that question will be reflected in your life five years from this moment…ladies and gentlemen, to wed or not to wed, now that is the million dollar question!

To Your Success and Prosperity….