God is A Goal Setter-Final Installment

God is a Goal Setter- Part 3
April 10, 2011
April 12, 2011

God is A Goal Setter-Final Installment

“Leadership is about influence. Plato, Aristotle and Socrates taught for more than 130 years put together. Jesus Christ taught for only 3”

-John Maxwell

This is what I know…that somebody can take the title of this post, and develop a book out of it. It is an Idea that you should consider implementing. I say this because I have’nt even scratched the surface of this message. You cannot exhaust God. My intention of these posts was to rank God up there above the greatest achievers, and to potray that for the most part He had INTENTION, took ACTION, COMMUNICATED his intention and ACHIEVED what He set to achieve, and so should you.

Those are some of the hallmarks of success, greatness, wealth and significance.Today’s installment will take a look at Jesus as well as His predecessor. Of course there are discussions to date about the Identity of Jesus Christ…and His significance to mankind.

One of the most un-debated facts about Jesus is that He existed. Historical records prove that. I know of a Historian who never believed in Jesus and he went out ostensibly to prove from History that Jesus was a figment of people’s imagination. Well, he ended up being converted after proving otherwise. His name is Josh Mcdowell. That Jesus walked on earth is not a myth, but a historical fact. History relates Him to us as one of the greatest teachers who ever lived.

1. Clarity

Lest you get put off by my discourse, we are talking about Goal Setting-an important ingredient for success, wellness, greatness and significance. The first thing I teach people about Goal Setting can be summed up in this: CLARITY. Do you know what you are here for? Do you know what you want?

Ok…do you know what you REALLY, REALLY DESIRE? John the Baptist came before Jesus. When asked about what his mission was, he not only knew what his mission WAS NOT, but he also had CLARITY of what that mission was. He never hesitated in giving the answer to those ‘clarity questions.’ The same applies to Jesus. He knew what he was up to, he knew why he was here.

In fact, Jesus was one of those leaders with such clarity of purpose and desire that he spoke about who he was several times. “I am the door”, “I am the good shepherd”, “I am the way the truth and the life”, “I have come that they would have life…”, “I am the true vine”….and on and on.
No wonder, at this moment, Jesus is the ‘loftiest idea in literature’. There is no question about it, He was and still is a massive success. Question is…are you CLEAR about yourself?

2. Belief

The second aspect of Goal Setting is Belief. We have already seen that God has greater belief than all of us combined. “While ye were yet sinners….Christ died”. He believed against the pervading negative conditions. A goal setter does not set goals that are directly proportional to what he/she earns. A goal setter stretches himself, and like one person said, he sets goals that ‘scare him a little, and excites him a lot!’ This can only be done with great belief. There is no successful individual on earth who operated with unbelief.

3. Action

Of course we have already talked about relentless ACTION. I see many sales books written about overcoming objections. Well guess what? God overcame Moses’ objections again and again-relentlessly. He gave no room for failure. As you set your goals, you provide no room whatsoever for failure…yet at the same time you remain flexible to tweak your goal here and there. God took action against opposition and objection, and so should you. The opposition and objection is always there and should be anticipated. ACTION is what creates momentum and gives your dreams some wings to fly.

4. Strategy

Finally, an achiever must have a STRATEGY for getting what he wants. Look at Jesus. What was his strategy? Did it work? Has it worked? Is it working? All those questions have an affirmative answer. The aspect of STRATEGY is what separates new year ‘resolutors’ from Goal Setters and Achievers. A goal is a dream with the strategy of accomplishing it.

God’s strategy was and always has been to choose a man, and and  use him for his purposes. Jesus became that ultimate strategy, the God-man that God worked through. Work is the four lettered word that is an ingredient for success. You must note however that this work was out of clarity…it was not just about anything. John the Baptist knew what he was not, and knew what he was, and focused on it.
In this final installment of God is a Goal Setter, I will repeat the same message I have given three times already. “Instead of sitting there and praying for a miracle, why not sit down and set some goals?

  • What is it that you Desire?
  • What do you want to do?
  • What do you want to have?
  • What do you want to become?
  • Write those things down. “Have you built your castles in the air? Good! That is where they should be. Now go to work and put some pillars under them!” After all, it was God who said: Ask, and it shall be given to you, seek and you shall find, knock and the door shall be opened.
    Thanks for staying tuned to my four sermons. Talk to you later.