New Year’s Message-Part 8: Hunger

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January 10, 2014
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February 3, 2014

New Year’s Message-Part 8: Hunger

For some reason, hunger normally bites so hard when there is no food or money to get the food in the pocket. I know you know what I am talking about. The same hunger can be easily tamed the following day without food…but just with the knowledge that you have the means to conquer it! It is a mind game sometimes.

Today, I am not talking about hunger for food. I am talking about a different type of hunger, which I believe is very critical for any Life Signature.

So as I have been reviewing my life, I have come to realize one gaping hole that has been unfilled for quite a while. You see, there are those days that I used to be so hungry for meaning in life. My greatest prayer those days was that God Almighty would give me something specific that I would put my hands on it with reckless abandonment.

I did not just want to exist. I wanted to be alive and to make things happen…but I was waiting for God to tell me exactly what my ‘destiny’ was. Man, I miss those days. In my personal review, I am realizing how vastly that ‘hunger’ has dwindled.

Then there was a time that I so much hungered about being a Life Coach. It even became part of the ‘prayer of Lawrence’.

Then there was a time I was so ‘hungry’ for my own family..wife and kids…

Am I getting comfortable? How come there is no real hunger for something in my life right now?

In 2014, the guys who are passionately hungry for something greater than themselves are the people who have the greatest chances of being meaningful.

How do we get hungry for something greater than ourselves? Just go a step further than dreaming/visioning
How do we make sure that the ‘hunger’ we have had does not diminish? Feed it up with actions are refuse to stay comfortable.

Over to you,