New Year Message-Part 7: Let’s Get Pregnant

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January 9, 2014
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January 17, 2014

New Year Message-Part 7: Let’s Get Pregnant

It has been said most popularly by Jim Rohn that simple things are not easy to implement. The fact is that if we stopped assimilating for information, more nuggets, more self help, and more ‘how to’ information, we already do have quite a bit of data that can cause personal revolutions.

By extension, I have noticed that for the most part, people seldom live. I mean just savoring every minute of our day…investing all our attention in every little task of the day as it occurs. For the most part, we are ‘miraging’. We are thinking that sometime later on in the future…we will really live.

The wife goes un-complemented today…until that time that you feel like doing it

  • The child is not given attention until after Arsenal has beaten Aston Villa in 90 minutes…
  • The present is not bought until after enough or ‘surplus’ money is available…the list goes on.

Why People Do Not Use Their Treasure

The secret is in the usage of what we already know or have right now and today. There are two major things that make people not use what they already know…well, may be three things:

  • It is easily available:

Have you noticed how we take for granted things that are already available? Notice how badly you wanted something…how your emotions were in a roller coaster as you said to yourself…“If Only I can get that thing….”  And then you get it…only to lower it’s value in your eyes. Somehow, while it was on the display shelf and seemingly well beyond your reach, it was so dear. Now it is in your house…the craving stopped, its importance diminished…now you want something new. If only we could go back into our ‘houses’ and unearthed the buried treasure…but I digress. In our generation, more than any other, we have lots of information we need for success, greatness and wealth creation than any other…and this information is easily accessible and in droves! Yet few people would access it…the supply and demand curve is at work here I guess. In 2014, do not be one of the captives of hoarding self help. Be one of the champions who would apply just one nugget the whole year round and make an impact.

  • The hunger for more ‘out there’:

This is ‘the grass is greener on the other side of the fence’ syndrome. It is also a result of many people chasing after the so called ‘secrets’. Somehow, we think that what is the real deal must be something unique…something hidden…something way out of our reach…something we do not have now! OK, am not saying that this is all wrong. In fact, what you need might really be just one notch out of your reach. My point here however is…what are you doing with the little that you already have now? Have you tried using it and it failed? If so, then by all means, get out and find something better. You however have no business reaching out for more before you can consume what you already have!

  • The hunger for instant results:

This is the crux of this message. We live in a society of instant results…which is not a bad thing. The only problem is that life has been structured to gestate. Life in general has rules that will always border on processes regardless of how advanced and modern we become. But we love instant results. So if today you started doing say your affirmations…and while you are at it, you feel absolutely nothing. In fact there is no immediate result of your inspired action. You tend to give up. My friend, the greatest weapon you can use in 2014 is the weapon of gestation. Understand at the back of your mind that every little action you take is like a seed that will grow. How about nurturing that seed consistently? How about taking that action daily whether you feel like it or not? Over a huge amount of time, you will notice that the results are insurmountable. If I wrote one page of any book title that I am passionate about every single day…in just over 3 months, I could be an Author. Of course there would be those days that I would not feel like I am authoring a book. What do I do? Give up? No. Just gestate.


Yeah…just gestate in 2014. Find something you can carry as some form of pregnancy the whole year.