New Year’s Message-Part 6: The Biggest Purpose Buster in 2014

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January 6, 2014
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January 10, 2014

New Year’s Message-Part 6: The Biggest Purpose Buster in 2014

Intention is good, but not good enough. You know why? Because the life we experience here on earth is not in form of a straight line. Our path is not as smooth as glass.

What happens when intention meets a detour?

What happens when intention meets an obstacle?

What happens when intention is chocked up by the worries and cares of today’s survival?

What happens when our good intentions encounter the luxuries of today…

  • When a friend wants to chat you up on Facebook
  • When your mail box is full of information from all the groups you have subscribed to…
  • When there is a WhatsApp video that you have to check out…
  • When you are dying to see how many people have retweeted your funny quote…
  • When you cant wait to see how many people have commented on your article?

The Biggest Distraction to Purpose in 2014

2014 more than any other year in the history of mankind gives us a double edged sword of technology and social media. On one hand, we can use it to further our goals, dreams and desires….and on another hand, this technology can kill our intentions of living a life by design daily.

As I write this, there is half a dozen of social media outlets that are seeking my attention…and it is not just today, it is every single day.

At some extreme, some Life Coaches would tell you that you need to get off social media completely. That social media is a time waster. That is half a truth. It is true that social media can be a very big time waster. Some people are using social media to hide from facing life head on.

Schedule the Fun!!

There is one major thing that trumps all these ‘distractions’ and creates a win/win situation: Schedulling!
I will not tell you to keep off social media, I will tell you to be there but schedule your timing (s)

I will not tell you to keep off social media, I will tell you to be purposeful and intentional about what you do there

I will not tell you to keep off social media, I will tell you to Identify topics of discussion that you can own and moderate.

In 2014, you can easily build your brand in whatever area you select by using social media…

What would happen if you tweeted 5 times a day, blogged twice a month, facebooked 5 times a day, on one topic you are passionate about…lets say Life Purpose?

The following would happen:

  1. You will stay relevant in social media and maintain your presence there
  2. Your will be taken more seriously by your friends and strangers as well
  3. You will develop your brand
  4. You will have at least 1500 tweets/posts that are meaningful in 2014
  5. You will become the goto person in the years that are coming on that subject
  6. You may even be able to write a book on that topic
  7. You will get interested in learning more and more about the topic.

One thing is for sure. Social media in 2014 will either be the greatest ‘detour’ in fulfilling your destiny or it will be the greatest catalyst in accelerating it!

Why don’t you take some time today and craft a simple social media strategy? Smart people like myself are already on it!

Happy New Year