Forget the ‘Prayer of Jabez’…there is the ‘Prayer of Lawrence!’

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September 14, 2013
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September 25, 2013

Forget the ‘Prayer of Jabez’…there is the ‘Prayer of Lawrence!’

Have you ever watched those Hollywood movies where a demon shows up, a priest comes against it brandishing a huge cross and starts reciting the following:

“Our Father in heaven, hallowed be thy Name…Mary mother of Jesus, pray for us…”

What I know is that if a serious demon showed up at my doorstep and I actually saw it…the prayer I will make will be real to that situation at hand. It will not be a scriptural recitation…I will basically be yelling… “Lord help meee!!”

So anyway… from my Christian faith, I have been taught about ‘The Lord’s Prayer’…basically a template that Jesus gave to his disciples that asked him to teach them how to pray.

We have to notice this was a general template that should be customized for personal needs at different times in different situations and for different purposes. Hot on the heels of the Lord’s prayer has been what is widely known as “The Prayer Of Jabez”. Jabez was a guy born in stressful circumstances…and his name actually means pain. So one day he prayed the following:

“Lord that you would bless me indeed, and that you would enlarge my territory. That your hand would keep me from evil and that it shall be well with me”

The Bible records that God answered that particular prayer. It has caused many Christians across the globe to take those words of Jabez and recite them verbatim so that they can get the exact results that Jabez got. I have no problem with that.

What I am championing today however, is the fact that there is an ever more powerful prayer than the prayer of Jabez. It is called the prayer of Lawrence. OK, it is also called the Prayer of Moses…the Prayer of Pauline, the prayer of Beth, the Prayer of Alice, the Prayer of Wamakonjio…I hope you get the point. In essence, you can simply insert your name there and it becomes the most powerful prayer you can ever use after the prayer of Jabez.

Let me explain. Jabez was personal about his request. It came as a concerted effort to break a lineage of distress…and a destiny of pain. It as specific to his condition and situation. It was as clear as it could get. He felt deep down inside of his heart what he prayed. He did not want these things….no he needed them…and he needed them badly!

Let me be personal enough and just show you how the Prayer of Lawrence looks like. Are you ready? Here goes:

  1. Oh God that I may be so deeply in love with you and live daily in your presence, and maintain our intimacy!
  2. Oh God, that I may impact the lives of millions through coaching, motivational speaking, preaching, seminars and workshops, on radio, and TV, and online, and speak hope to the hopeless and challenge millions to take personal action for their own life revivals!
  3. Oh God that I may own my own home, raise my own family and be blessed seeing my grand kids, a godly lineage that impacts the universe!
  4. Oh God, that I would be extremely wealthy and prosperous, a blessing to the fourth generation from me! 

Friend, when I pray the above (which I have included in my Dream Book) most often it comes from deep down my gut. I feel it. I want it…and I want it badly!!!

Here is the thing: Now that I have shared with you, you cannot take it and make it yours. Chances are that you do not feel so strongly about coaching, preaching, wealth, books, the media, speaking and so on like I do. However, you have your own dreams, wishes and desires.

Next time you want to pray, would you please be seriously clear about what you really do need and desire? Next time you catch yourself doing ‘The Lord’s prayer’ or the ‘Prayer of Jabez’…why don’t you stop yourself for a minute and remember the prayer of Lawrence, or John, or Olive, or Rosemary…?

Makes sense, right?