Do We Have Control on What Our Purpose Can Be?

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January 18, 2018
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Do We Have Control on What Our Purpose Can Be?


n Science classes in Primary school, we were taught the main differences between “Living things and Non-Living Things”. Non living things do not have a mind of their own (Artificial Intelligence is trying so hard to alter this). What I am grateful for is that I am a “living thing” and so that means that I do have control of what happens in my life.

That deduction is simplistic yet extremely profound. Let me ask you a question:

Would you rather have control over your life or have decisions made for you especially regarding what you want and love to do that will be fulfilling to you?

I do not think that there is anybody in their sane mind that would wish to be controlled by another, especially in intimate and substantive matters relating to their life purpose. This brings us to this interesting discussion about fate and destiny.

Is My Purpose a Matter of Fate or an Issue of Destiny?

Take a minute and think about it…

the development of events outside a person’s control, regarded as predetermined by a supernatural power.
“fate decided his course for him”
synonyms: destinyprovidence, God’s will, nemesiskismet, astral influence, the stars, what is written in the stars, one’s lot in life; 

They key word on fate is “predetermined” outside control by a supernatural power. Death for example is fate. We have no control over it. It is appointed for people to be born once and thereafter to die. So I have no control over my birth, neither do I have control over my death. But the interesting thing is that I have full control over my life, and that is where my purpose is executed!

You Do Not Decide Your Purpose

Why? Because you are the created, not the Creator! In other words, your purpose is already decided. Your part and mine is to go on and discover it within the filed of potential that we have been loaded with. Some would say, “That is fate”, but you would be wrong. Consider the following:

  • Your purpose is grander than you are
  • Because it fits into the greater and grander purpose of creation
  • Everything in the world is connected to everything else, and that’s why we need you.
  • Therefore you were fashioned with your purpose in mind
  • You are equipped the way you are so that you can fully serve that purpose

Therefore, even if you were let on your own to “select” what you want to do (which is pretty much the way it is structured), you end up wanting to do that which gives you the greatest satisfaction because it is your greatest contribution to society and you enjoy doing it.

Here are the reasons why you are not a victim of fate…

1. You are Pre-Destined

The word “Pre” means before. There is no creator of anything the world over who does not have insight of the functionality and purpose of the created. Everything around you was pre-destined. I was created to answer the idea, desire and needs of the inventor. How much more about you as a human being, the most expensive creature in all of creation? You are not a victim of fate. You are planned, intended, purposed, and anticipated. You are not an accident waiting to happen. You are not a mistake. When you were born, your Creator was filled with joy hand happiness. H was not scared and worried of how He will take care of you.

2. You are Pre-Qualified

I heard my mentor Dr. Mike Murdock say the following:

“He doesn’t just call the qualified but he qualifies the called…that’s why you can”.

A qualified person is one who is deemed to fit the bill for a particular task. Normally, we find those who are qualified through an exercise called “interviews.” Given that you are pre-destined for the particular purpose in life, it means that you are already pre-qualified. You do not need to go through the interview normally. You are already qualified. When it comes to your purpose, you are the one interviewing. You go through process of questioning and searching until what you find is what you were prequalified for. So as you can see, it puts you squarely in the driver’s seat of your life. You are not a victim of fate.

3. You are Prepared

If I was building an office desk, I would design it:

  • Functionally,
  • Aesthetically,
  • Ergonomically,
  • Durationally…

qualified to handle the purpose for which I desire it to serve. The same applies with human beings. If we are Pre-desitined as we have seen, it therefore follows that we are pre-qualified. If my purpose is “To inspire hope and enrich lives worldwide”, then of course I am gifted with inspiration and the gift of working with words. I have a heart of compassion for people. I am gifted in the way I learn and the way I teach. So as you can see, my life is not any bit fate…it is destiny. Your natural abilities, spiritual gifts, character, intellect and experience are the packages that prepare you to serve your purpose.

4. Your Future is Locked in Your Present

“God hid your purpose where he knows you cannot miss it…in your heart” ~ Dr. Myles Munroe

Everything you want to know about yourself is not outside of you. It is within you. Take a look at what makes you angry. Not everything ticks you off, right? At the same time, take a look of what draws the bowels of compassion from your heart. Not everything touches the softest part of your heart, right? Why? Because you only respond to what matters to you. Deep calls to deep. Looking within you, you can never fail to see the path that leads to your destiny. Therefore, your purpose is never something to do with fate. It is firmly part and parcel of your destiny.


5. There is a searcher within you

Fulfillment is a powerful word. [ictt-tweet-inline]I have come to note that there are not so many paths to fulfillment but one, and that path is the path of purpose.[/ictt-tweet-inline] We have all an inbuilt search engine within us that automatically looks for the meaning and purpose of life. Once we are on that path, we start getting fulfillment. Ask Tiger Woods when he is playing golf. Ask Myles Munroe when he is preaching. Ask Gary Skinner when he is building Ministry Campuses across Kampala. Ask Oprah Winfrey when she is hosting a talk show. None of these people find their fulfillment in anything else like they do from their purpose

You are not a victim of fate. We know that by now.