This is Why You Have What It Takes To Make It in Life

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January 16, 2018
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January 22, 2018

This is Why You Have What It Takes To Make It in Life

Consciously or unconsciously, many people are shooting themselves in the foot, scoring own goals:

  • “I don’t have an education enough”
  • “I was born in a poor background”
  • “I failed my examinations”
  • “I never qualified to go to university”
  • “I do not have a benefactor”
  • “I am alone in this world, I know not a soul”

Are They Really Facts?

Although these are “facts”, I am sure that there are truths that are even stronger than these “facts”. These “facts” will limit us if we allow them to be final, if we allow them to stand tall and go unchallenged. However, the truth of the matter is that you are not in a position to really declare these as total absolute facts. Why? Because you do not have the capacity to have an all round 360 degree view of the situation. To you, it is black and white. It either is bad or it is good.

Not Always What It Looks Like

I have though noted that life is not always the way we perceive it, especially when we are under a trial of our resolve. In fact, what we call facts only “Seem” to be facts. In other words,

  • You cannot judge my future by how my present is…at least not fully
  • What you see right now is not fatal, because I am still alive
  • I am not the only person in the change equation of my circumstance, although all I need to do is to play my part
  • Change can happen in a split second and reverse the fortunes to my advantage
  • The constricted of yesterday have always turned out to be the conquerors of tomorrow.

Still in the Game

So what you are seeing right now is not a total cast in stone situation. You are still pretty much in the game. The coach has not substituted you and the referee has not called the game to an end. Probably what is happening right now is that you have been”injured” and the whole game is paused as you receive treatment. Probably you are so injured that the game will continue without your participation as they take you for medication. The point is that you are still in the game and that qualifies you to play again. The worst thing that people do is to give themselves red cards and quit on life and pursuits altogether.

The following are the reasons I believe that you have all it takes to make it in life and even to have a legacy.

1. You are Breathing:

That’s right. I believe that for as long as there is breathe in you, you are still needed here on earth. I know for some who would hear this, it would seem the most insensitive thing to say, but it is true. I have seen people bounce back from the verge of suicide to impact nations. For as long as you are still drawing breathe, you qualify for making it, and I mean making it big in life. This setback is the most temporary thing you ever saw. We all have had our setbacks. It’s life…but it will pass.

2. You are Predestined:

You see, you are not on your own. You belong to the Creator. He is pretty much committed, given and gunning for your success and prosperity. Why? Because it your making it in life fits into his overall pleasure and plan for the universe. Listen, for as long as you are predestined, you have part of what it takes, in a great measure, to be successful.

3. You Have Desires:

Don’t tell me you have totally given up on life. Even then, it reminds me of a well beaten path that has all the grass dead with use. All it takes for the grass to germinate on that path is a sniff of humidity and time, and people to give it a break. And a break is all you need. However, for as long as your desires are still alive and well, you have all it takes. They will push you to do something towards it.

4. You have a Cloud of Witnesses:

You are not the only one who thought you cannot make it. I have been there before. And so has been my grand parents and many other human beings across the world. In fact, this world is filled with so many people who made it against all odds. You can draw from their inspiration: if they made it so can you. We have many who made it without half of what you have.  I read a powerful story of one of them here.

  • Some made it although they were blind
  • Some made it although they never went to school
  • Some made it although they were imprisoned for being of a particular race for half their lives
  • Some made it through war and limbless
  • Some made it although they were born with massive defects at birth

You are in great company as you can see.

5. You are healthy

And that is my guess. For as long as you are not bed-ridden, you have what it takes to make it in life. For as long as you have a sound mind and a healthy body, you have so much going for you than you could ever imagine. If you needed to know how true this is, just visit a cancer ward for kids…you will be greatly inspired.

6. Whatever You Have now is a seed

Frankly, you making it in life is not something that will happen in an instant. Neither do you need everything in place before you can make it. All you need is what is within you and what is around you. That is the starting point. Quit looking outside and away from you for the seed. The seed is within you: A song, a talent, a gift, a brother, a relative, an opportunity. The secret is to maximize what you have now, however minute or inconsistent it seems with your dreams and desires. Put it to work. It is a seed. Seeds grow into fruit yielding plants. Sow your seed.

7. Your Misfortune is an Ingredient to your success

The current season you are in is not just a misfortune. It seems it is, but it also is an ingredient for the success that you are looking for. This misfortune is there specifically because it has to be overcome. And as you overcome it, you grow stronger, wiser and more resilient. That is exactly what you need in order to make it in life. Believe me, what you will gain from this misfortune is so invaluable it can never be compared to any University degree.

8. You are Resilient

In case you did not know, human beings were built to be the most resilient creatures on earth. You are one of the most resilient creatures there ever was. Let not your mind fool you. You are stronger than what you think. You cannot have come this far to quit. There is still some fight left within you. Don’t check out. Stay put.