5 Ways of Breaking Impossibility Barriers in Your Dreams and Plans

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January 22, 2018
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5 Ways of Breaking Impossibility Barriers in Your Dreams and Plans


o. You are not lacking resources in bringing the dreams to pass. Yes, you are faced with impossibilities at the moment, but if you want them to be possibilities from the word go, then I think we haven’t dreamt big enough. You see, scheming planning, considering, imagining, thinking, reviewing, evaluating and all the mind mapping activities can at times be extremely discouraging. It is discouraging because you are building from zero…seemingly and virtually with no help.

Why People Give Up with Dreams

That is why people with no physical resources or financial capital over their dreams and desires never take a minute to consider the dreams in full. They get overwhelmed even before they start. The stare at impossibilities and get extremely discouraged because they cannot see past their difficult reality now. In their thinking, there is no way that the dream will come to pass especially looking at it realistically. Now there is a time for a realist in you to rise up, but that time is not when you are engaging your imaginations and switching on the dream machine. The time for being realistic will come, but not just yet.

I cannot begin to tell you how many dreams have been aborted by virtue of the impossibilities that exist in the world, especially during the time that we are desiring, dreaming and visioning what we want to have in our lives. Potential has also been stifled, gifts, talents and abilities lie dormant because we seemingly have failed to bridge the gap between the dream and the reality.

Why It is Critical

Dreaming and visioning is one of the greatest weapons that we have. There is a principle that says:

“Everything was created twice”.

The first time something was created was when it was a dream. Now, just that you had a dream does not mean that it will come to pass. However, without a dreaming, nothing will happen. Therefore, we need to understand how critical it is to take time and dream. [ictt-tweet-inline]You have absolutely nothing to lose when you dream, but you have everything to lose when you don’t.[/ictt-tweet-inline] Marcial Weider the CEO of dream university says it this way:

“In business, dreaming is serious business”

I couldn’t agree more. However, we need to appreciate the fact that this serious business of dreaming can be very discouraging especially when all we have is an idea and an inspiration.

  • What do we do when we desire to build from zero to fruition?
  • What do we do when we have no support structures for our dreams?
  • What do we do when we have no capital and resources and we must dream?
  • What do we do ?

I believe the following points will help us.

1. Do not Strategize too soon!

The brain is an interesting organ…and at times, it is our greatest impediment. The moment you start dreaming, you enter an unfamiliar territory and the brain is the greatest defense you have naturally. It wants to keep you in the familiar. Any foreign thought and ambition is first met by the brain and it is done so when the question “How is it going to be done?” is posed. This is the wrong question to ask at this point in time. For now, what we need to do is to dream because we can, dream because there is a why and dream because we cannot change anything but through dreaming. There will be time for strategic planning, but only after the dream is strong, clear and fully understood.

2. Practice Detachment

It is so easy to get emotionally attached to an idea and to a dream. At times we think that we are the only ones involved in bringing the dream forth. This is an interesting thing to do, practicing detachment, especially on your own dreams. Detachment means that you recognize the fact that you and not the only one answerable to the fruition of your dream. In practicing detachment, you acknowledge the fact that it’s not only your capital and resources that are required to bring the dream to reality. In practicing detachment, you acknowledge the fact that you are just but a conduit for the dream. Also in practicing detachment you are telling your psyche that you will not limit yourself. Detachment though does not mean abdication, no feelings and total aloofness. It means your involved but at the same time carefree. You are content and fearless at the same time.

3. Spread it out

So you go out today to dream and you just can’t. You keep stifling yourself with the questions of “how will I do it?” The solution is simple. Break down your dreaming into sessions: Dreaming, Concretizing Goals and Planning. This means that you can spread your different sessions into several days across a month. So when you know that you are dreaming, you dream and you don’t curtail your dreams by thinking about goals. That way, your mind is free and has the permission as it were to flow with the Divine and download mysteries that you can now focus on.

4. Realize that this is Work

We have already talked about dreaming being serious business. The truth of the matter is that dreaming is work. There is a story about an executive who was looking through the window and a million dollar idea hit him. He shared it with the boss. When they executed the idea, they got the millions. The boss created a corner office for this executive with a large window. He was told that his job was to look through the window (dream) and come up with ideas. That is far fetched a story but you get the point. When we know that dreaming is work, we are able to handle the tension and frustration it brings. Otherwise, we will give up and walk away several times.

5. Practice Patience

Realize that some dreams take ages, actually decades to materialize. Time is  one of the greatest pillars we have for the fruition of our dreams. At times people download a massive dream and they want it done and perfected in the same year. Learn to be patient with your dreams. If you take that approach, it spreads the pressure across the years. Therefore, you are now comfortable in continuing to dream. However, also note that the fruition of your dreams needs you to have some level of urgency with it.

In closing, dreaming is an important aspect of our lives. Let us learn to hold it dear and do it as often as possible each day. Let us learn to break the barrier of impossibility when dreaming. Over to you.