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Why ‘Working Smart’ is Bad Advice!

One day, I was called into the Boss’ office. I was not prepared for what would transpire in that meeting. I had not done anything bad, […]

Why Work Is A Blessing to Every Human Soul

we go so far, there has to be a difference between work and a job. All of us have work, but not all of us have […]

Can/Should Work Affect Our Identity?

the most dreaded question that a “jobless” person faces is this, “So what do you do?” In a split second, what goes on in their mind […]

Why Your Purpose Can Only Be Demonstrated Through Work

is amazing how the mind works. The moment I started to focus on the subject of work, I started seeing different pieces of information on the […]

Why Work is the Only Place for Fulfillment in Life—Not Religion.

know, I know. Marty Sampson has renounced his faith and so has the other guy who wrote, “I kiss dating goodbye”. Then Lawrence comes along with […]

Why The World Needs You To Work

run the risk of sounding like a broken record but I will say it again. We as a human race are closely identified with one mission […]

8 Things Making People Not To Work at Work – Part 1

the past several articles, I have laboured to explain the fact that work is a core aspect of our lives. I have explained that work brings […]

Work, Protestant Ethic, Retirement, Money Working For You-Guest Post

Andrew Ssenyonjo is doing amazing things with his organization, “Ignite Potential” in teaching employers and employees about work. Here is what he writes about this subject.me […]

The Interesting way Work Is a Massive Reward to our Psychology

there are six major psychological needs of the human. This does not discriminate race, colour, tribe or tongue. Every human being from any location has these […]