Why Work Is A Blessing to Every Human Soul

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August 30, 2019
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September 5, 2019

Why Work Is A Blessing to Every Human Soul


we go so far, there has to be a difference between work and a job. All of us have work, but not all of us have a job. In other words, you can work even if you are “jobless”. If we can make this distinction, we shall save ourselves lots of heartaches.

Yes, I am aware that one of the main reasons why we ought to work is so that we can eat. That’s even a command in the Bible. I know that we ought to work so we can pay our bills and survive.


I have reason to believe though that with the way that nature is structured, work is not necessarily for the rudimentary purpose of survival. There has to be more to life than just survive, at least if we are talking about ideals.

There are several reasons as to why work is a blessing to every human soul. First of all, let me ask you a question. This question came to me when I stood up to address a small group of teachers who worked with disabled children.

Why do YOU Work?

It amazed me how that session went. I was to discuss with them about work/life balance but for some reason, the whole session changed when I opened my mouth. This is the question: Why do we work?

Can you think of your own reasons as to why you work? Probably someone might tell me, “Well, I do not qualify to answer that question because I do not work, because I do not have a job”. Wow. Valid point you might think, but it is actually an invalid point.

We’ e Been Set up To Work

The nature of creation is built on pillars of systems, seeds, processes, laws and principles. In other words, nothing is lying on the ground waiting to be picked. Even if it were, whatever you are picking from the ground is not necessarily fully formed for consumption.

Having laws, principles, seeds, systems and processes is absolutely useless if there is no manager to use the tapestry of these things to produce—to be fruitful. Man was given a command to “be fruitful”.

That does not necessarily mean go out there and make babies and let the world be full of babies. No. That’s so rudimentary that you do not need a command to do it. You have the gadgets, the passion and the natural disposition to make babies, no command is needed.

Being Fruitful

What being fruitful means though is simply this: work. In other words, works is not a curse. People wrongly think that to work is to be cursed. Therefore they trudge through life all along looking for “retirement”.

Retirement is not an enlightened word. It is not even a scriptural thing. Scripture only talks about “finishing” your race. Jesus hanging on the cross cried out “It is finished”. Singular. “It” was one work, one purpose, one calling and one essence.

Guess what His work was? To restore things so that men and women can work as originally designed to. I know this is absolutely controversial because it sounds like it is not spiritual.

Work is Spiritual

This is where we go wrong. People think that work is not a spiritual thing. People think that the only things that are spiritual are things that are directly connected to the spirit such as prayer, fasting, worship and attending religious functions.

Let me tell you something, work is the most spiritual thing ever that it can even trump the most popular notions of our spirituality. I kid you not.

Why is that?


It is simple. Work is the very make up of a human being. When a human being is working, they are “being”. In other words, without work, the human being is not “being”. The human being is out of place without work.

The other notion that we need to dispel is that all kinds of work we engage in must of necessity bring back monetary income. That’s why people would gladly call themselves, “Jobless”.

Demystifying Joblessness

Yes, there are things to do that they can engage in. These things could be productive to them in other ways such as giving them mental toughness and strength. They could be improving skills, meeting people and creating ideas.

However just the fact that there is no monetary gain at the end of the month or at the end of the week, they refrain from that kind of “work”, thereby losing a great opportunity to grow in other ways.

If they would have just ventured, that growth would have added some kind of pedigree to them and when the opportunity for a “job” comes, they would stand head above the rest.

Work is a Blessing

Work is a major blessing for the human being because it allows the human to be in charge. That’s it. Any time you are not working, you are not being in charge.

And like I have already offered like a broken record, you do not need a job to work. Work is all over the place. You can find work to do concerning your body, your mind, your spirit, your relationships, your community, your room, and so on. You get the point.

However, when you are not engaged in any way, you are missing so much on the blessing of the human being. That is why by all means you and I must learn to fight distractions that come to take our eyes and then our hearts, and then our heads and finally our hands out of work.

Anatomy of Apathy

I spend a little more time in bed yesterday just scrolling through social media and in just an hour, I felt like a total wreck. I cried out like in prayer saying, “Lord if this goes on, the bottom will fall off and I will lose control”.

I felt totally useless as if my life was wasting away, rotting from the inside. Why? Because I was out of control and I felt like my life was being run, maybe overrun by events. It is in such moments that you start getting bad news about this not going right and so on.

Find Some Work

By all means, you ought to work. You ought to engage your mind, your heart and your hands in anything meaningful today. Repeat the process tomorrow and the day after. That is how you realize just how “alive” you can be in life.

That is when you realize how many ideas you can generate. That is when you realize just how much potential you have, and that is when you realize how “creativity” is not a reserve of a few geniuses, but a basic makeup of anyone who chooses to work.

Work is a blessing. Find some today.

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