8 Mistakes To Avoid in Purpose Pursuit – Part 6

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February 25, 2019
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February 27, 2019

8 Mistakes To Avoid in Purpose Pursuit – Part 6


feel so strong about the message of purpose. I believe that we all are serving one purpose. I believe that the analogy of a master conductor of an orchestra serves us well here. Each piece of musical instrument in an orchestra can only play it’s part. Alone, it might not be as beautiful as with others. When the conductor of an orchestra directs all the different players to play their parts at just the right time the result is beautiful music!

What’s Your Part?

You and I are part of a large purpose. That is why we have to be faithful to our own purpose even if it seems the weirdest thing to the next person. Unbeknownst to us, we are contributing to a larger purpose that was firmly instituted by the Divine. Another analogy is the body. Imagine the ear alone. The tongue alone. The eyes alone. Hard to imagine. But imagine the tongue that is in the body but doesn’t do its part. Easy to imagine.

Stake Our Claim on our Purpose

As much as it is up to us, we should have no excuse whatsoever in deploying our potential. We should have no postponement whatsoever in delving deep into our purpose at the earliest opportunity. I read a passage from the book “The Last Arrow” by m now favorite author Erwin McManus yesterday. This is what he said on this subject:

“If slavery remains an option, we will find ourselves abdicating our freedom. We just don’t usually call it slavery. We call it safety. We call it comfort. We call it security. We call it responsibility.”

It seems so harsh a statement, but you know something, I endorse it 100%. Do you know what a slave does? A slave has no authority of their own. No timetable of their own. No will of their own. No inheritance of their own. No freedom. That’s all I can say and move on.

Purpose Pursuit

As much as possible, we ought to engage in a relentless pursuit of our purpose as if our lives depended on it. I believe we came here for the sake of purpose. There is no other reason. None whatsoever. That is why we have to be particular about asking questions of life like, “What on earth Am I doing here?” That question must have an answer all over the world. It is my job to make sure that as many people as possible can connect to their purpose. That is why we are doing these series. So far, the following are the purpose pursuit mistakes that have been covered:

  1. Remorse over yesterday’s failure
  2. Anxiety over today’s problems
  3. Worry over Tomorrow’s Uncertainties
  4. Taking Today Lightly
  5. Unbelief of Divine’s Providence

6. Skepticism Over A Nation or the World’s Future

Since the world begun, there has always been unrest. There has always been turmoil from one generation to another. Everywhere you turn, there are rumors of wars, and there are wars going on. There is terrorism, bad weather, poor economic conditions, famine and all sorts of crime. In fact, I do not need to put up a case for this. Just switch on to any cable news channel and you will hear the most negative things all day happening world wide.

Do No Listen To The News

It is a trap. If you took your eyes off your purpose for a minute and considered what the world is going through right now, you will easily give up on your purpose. The truth of the matter is that the world, your nation is not necessarily in direct domain of your control. It is so easy for the people that are affected by the Berlin Wall at their time to be skeptical about their futures and dampen their spirits about their pursuit of purpose.

…but the Berlin Wall came down.

It is so easy for the people that are living in harsh communist environments to give up and cede their personal pursuit of purpose and freedom. The very nature of their existence is as if they owe it to their governments.

…But communism came to an end the way we know it.

It is so easy for a boy living in the Trafalgar square to give up on his future and purpose pursuit. The planes of the enemy are zooming above daily and dropping bombs. His country is outnumbered to the point of knowing that winning the war would be an impossibility. But then at the right time, providence sent Sir Winston Churchill..

…And the World War 2 came to a decisive close with the Nazis being soundly defeated 

It is so easy for that girl living in Syria to give up on her dreams and pursuit of purpose. Stories upon stories of being attacked chemically spread the world over. There is no sign of help coming. The whole world is engaged in a debate of who is right and wrong, dividing the issue on an axis into two.

…We do not have time to talk about Ebola

…we do not have time to talk about corruption

…We do not have time to talk about the joblessness scourge

Purpose though is such a powerful force that has faced it’s enemies over the ages. If you look through the pages of history, again and again, there has always been one winner. The good guys. Purpose. That is why it is a terrible mistake, no matter what your circumstance would be to give up on your purpose.

…Yes, it is OK to detach yourself from it

…Yes, It is OK to be engaged in fending for yourself

…Yes, It is OK to be immersed in job seeking and putting food on the table

…Yes, It is OK to be immersed in the life of seeking to pay bills and make ends meet

Ultimately though, we should never ever lose sight of our purpose in life at all times. However impossible it feels at the moment, wait for it. Have faith. Let your currency be hope. Let your journey be of faith. I assure you that in the end you will prevail.


If you succumb to the conditions that you are facing in your family, community, country or world-wide, you will ultimately abort your purpose. It is that delicate, and yet one such powerful force when it’s only held alive in our resolve. Choose to keep trudging along. Choose to believe. Your purpose will prevail, just like mine has through various setbacks:

  • Lack of school fees,
  • Lack of A Degree of note to date,
  • Personal failure,
  • Sickness in the family,
  • Joblessness,
  • Job loss and contracts expiration,
  • Post election violence
  • Being kicked out of rental houses several times
  • Having no food to eat and no promise of any provision for years

Through all that and more, my purpose still prevails. I was born to speak a word in season and to help those that are weary.

Stay strong. Let your purpose prevail.