8 Mistakes To Avoid in Purpose Pursuit – Part 5

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February 18, 2019
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8 Mistakes To Avoid in Purpose Pursuit – Part 5


urpose pursuit is a journey. It is not something that you tick off your “To Do” list and then move on to other “important things”. It is a life thing. Purpose itself is so vast that you cannot have it all figured out in the finite mind alone. If anything, purpose has it’s origin in the Divine. If there is no Divine, then there is no purpose. How do you explain your attachment to something or to a cause if there was no purpose to it? I mean, why even bother in the first place?

Purpose is not A Religion Thing

No purpose is not a religion thing. It is a human thing. It is the same as it is a human thing to get married and have babies. That is not a religion thing, it is a human thing. It is the same as it is a human thing to do the right thing, the moral thing. You do not need to subscribe to a religious group so that you can do purpose. However, all these good things such as marriage, children and morality do not have their origin here on earth.

Purpose Pursuit is Divine

I have seen and actually known people who are irreligious and yet so filled up with purpose, so consumed wit their calling. The Divine put purpose smack in the middle of our hearts. Dr. Myles Munroe said that God hid purpose where he knew that we would never miss it if we looked–within our hearts. That is not really hiding is it? Do you notice the condition of your heart when it comes to these two emotions: Anger and Compassion? You are angry when what you cherish, or what you are called to do is abused.

We All Have Different Passions

Where did that emotion come from? Have you also noticed that what you are angry about at times seems like it is “no big deal” to other people? For example, Steve Jobs was so particular about the design of his computers inside as much as he was about their aesthetics outside. His friend Steve Wozniak just wanted functionality. And that is why we need each other to compliment each other. Can you imagine Apple computers without the finnesse that came from Jobs’ passion? Here is the ting though: it is God Almighty who designed Wozniak that way and Jobs that way.

Purpose Pursuit is from The Divine

This explains so much. It is easy to explain away Creation of humans by saying that we evolved. Well, it is easy to see that progression physically, but where do you draw the line emotionally and spiritually? All flesh, all humans belong to God. He created each of us not just for fun, but for a specific function here on earth. He wants us to succeed and to excel in what he wanted us to do in the first place. He begun it all. If God did not begin it all, then why should we even bother about living a life of purpose? Why not just live the way we want and then expire since it matters less?

The Purpose Pursuit Mistakes

It is imperative that we pursue our purpose to the hilt. However, along the way, we make several mistakes that are avoidable. So far, we have discussed the following mistakes that people make in their purpose pursuit:

  1. Remorse over yesterday’s failure
  2. Anxiety over today’s problems
  3. Worry over Tomorrow’s Uncertainties
  4. Taking Today Lightly

5. Unbelief of Divine’s Providence

The nature of purpose at times is that it is larger than life. What I mean is that you cannot do your assigned purpose alone. The real nature of purpose is that it is Divinely ordained. One of the mistakes that we do is not to follow our purpose because we think we have no way of making it alive. In other words, we become so bogged down with how vast, how huge, how impossible it is that we get frustrated and just decide “to move on with life”.

Handling Humongous Purpose

The closest story I can use is the story of Moses in the Bible. We all know this. His nation was held captive as slaves in a foreign land. It occurred to him that his nation needed deliverance. Moses tried to kill an Egyptian at a time and maybe rally his people. He took matters in his own hands. Frankly, delivering a nation from another is not something you can do on your own. You need the Divine. When Moses, failed, he kind of gave up from that purpose for 40 years, relegated to the backside of the desert feeding sheep! Imagine.

Giving Up

Many people might be in the same shoe as Moses. Probably it is not to deliver a nation from another. But it is something that is so humongous for you that you see no way you would bring it forth. You have not even dared try again after you have failed. And now you have moved on with life to other tings that are “reasonable”. Now, all you want is to make a living. You know, pay bills, create some streams of income that will fend for you and your family until the children are out of the nest. Thereafter, you will retire and age gracefully until death comes forth for you.

Before You Give Up

I need you to consider with me something. Where do you think that purpose came from? Assume it came from the Divine, which of course it did, do you think He would be interested in seeing it through? Do you think He would give you a burden so to speak that he is not interested in helping you with it? Purpose is like a pregnancy. You conceive it from someone. You carry it full term or you abort it. For the most part, abortion comes because people do not want to be inconvenienced. So before you give up on your humongous purpose, consider the following:

1. Acknowledge the Divine

Acknowledge the fact that your purpose is not your own. That means that you are not the only activator of your purpose. The equation of bringing it to fruition is not just yours. However, also acknowledge that you have a great part to play in it.[ictt-tweet-inline] I can tell you that the greatest thing you can do with your purpose is not to give up on it, no matter what you are facing at the moment.[/ictt-tweet-inline] You have your part to play, and that is metaphorically to carry the pregnancy full term. The Divine has its part to play. Do yours.

2. Dare to Dream With the Divine

Knowing that the Divine is the author of purpose should release us to dare to do mighty things. The things might never be accomplished if we looked at what we owe, what we have and what we do not have. The only reason as to why we are daring the mighty things is that there is the hand of the Divine in it. It is as if the Divine is daring us to do the impossible so that when it is accomplished, we shall have no brag about it. So let’s not make a mistake of dreaming small. Let’s dream big and tap into the impossible realm and bring these things to reality.

3. Detach Yourself From the Dream

….but attach yourself to the Divine. This is not easy to do. If you have a dream to do a mighty thing, how do you get detached from it? Well, you do this by knowing that all you have to do is your part. You do this by knowing that the success and the failure of the dream is not necessarily up to you alone. You are not alone. To detach yourself from the dream is to have the faith that whoever owns it will make it good. Detachment is not the same as abandonment.

All in all, you are required to keep the dream alive. Do not make the mistake of not believing that the Divine will do their part if you do yours. Keep your purpose and your dream alive.