5 Ways Change Can Usher You Into Your Purpose- Part 5

5 Ways Change Can Usher You Into Your Purpose- Part 4
November 27, 2018
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December 4, 2018

5 Ways Change Can Usher You Into Your Purpose- Part 5


f you ever had a conversation with a person who has undergone or is undergoing change, I adjure you to be careful to listen to what they are saying. For the most part, their words tend to be the purest you can hear, especially being devoid of pride and pompousness. Of course the change I am talking about is the forced change that they didn’t what to go through in the first place.

What Change Does To You

In the previous articles, we have seen that at first, it seems as if change, especially the one forced on you is negative. The immediate effects of it result in discomfort and a messed up routine. However, later on if you are keen enough, you will be grateful that the change actually happened. A large percentage of people who find their purpose or clarify it always do it at the crossroads of change. The following are some of the effects of change:

  1. Change forces you to develop your potential
  2. Change forces you to develop mental toughness
  3. Change heightens your spirituality and sensitivity
  4. Change Creates Compassion in you

5. Change Rids You of Baggage

If someone asked you “What matters now?” The answer you will give will most certainly depend on the nature of your circumstances at that point in time. If you are in a comfortable way, your answer might involve things that will either maintain that comfort or give you more of it. However, when you are in dire straits and someone asks you that question, for the most part, I believe what you will say will be something that closely or indirectly revolves around your purpose.

How Change Affects Priorities

Maslows’ pyramid can be very instructive in the moments of change. What we hold dear at times of peace will not necessarily be the same in times of war. Priorities shift. I have learnt that the leaner the times, the more aware and close we are to our purpose. Why? Because what we feel is important at the times of change is really what is. That is where we should be focusing on.

Staying Connected to the Priority

Interestingly, once the change has happened or the adversity has passed we tend to go back to a mode of coziness and comfort that doesn’t pay credence to what we downloaded during the change. I have learnt that during a crisis or during moments of change, one needs to pay keen attention to what priorities are. For example during such a season in my life, the message that I got was that I have to have products that people can buy. How does that connect me to my purpose? Well, there is no point of doing purpose if you cannot monetize it.

One of the mistakes people make with purpose is that it is to be deployed free of charge. Nothing can be further from the truth, but I digress.

Staying Keen At The Times of Change

Once again I would love to adjure you to stay alert at the moments that you are going through change. It is those moments that carry much needed “intelligence”, if you will, on matters relating to our purpose. Honestly, you seldom find such quality moments in life that are transformational. Our biggest problem is that when we are going through change, we are only focused on how we can get out of it as soon as we can. The following are the attitudes that we ought to develop during the moments of change.

1. Stay Patient

Hold on. I know it could be uncomfortable. Hold on anyway and let the process take place. Let the change bring you character and maturity. These are the things that are needed while doing your purpose. Staying patient helps you to tap into that “intelligence” that is available at the moment of change especially regarding to “What matters”, which clearly could be what your purpose is.

2. Stay Positive

Like I have said over and over again, the moment change comes, it is easy to resist it because all you are seeing is the discomfort and the disadvantages that it comes along with. Well, the same thing happens when a mother is giving birth. She is going through change even as she gives birth. That is why you will see her pregnant again few months from the moment. She remains positive because she knows what the change brings in the end.

3. Stay Poised

In other words, be on the lookout. Look at the change from the angle of its purpose. Further, go through the change asking questions relating to your purpose. Chances are that you will get the very answers to these questions that you are looking for. Choose to be as alert as possible to download matters relating to your purpose during this change. Don’t just go through it.

4. Stay Reflective

Over and over again, evaluate your life in relation to what this change is bringing. The best way you can do this is to use questions. Ask yourself questions such as:

  1. What is the best that can come out of this?
  2. If I were to do life again, what would I do and what would I avoid?
  3. Have I been consistent in my life?

The more you ask yourself these questions, the more reflective you are. The more reflective you are, the clearer you get close to your purpose.

In closing of this series of articles, I believe that it is true that every adversity comes with it an equal or even greater benefit. For the most part, that benefit can easily be either you reconnecting with your purpose or clarifying it even further. Therefore, let us choose to look at adversity and change as a catalyst, not as something bad that has come to destabilize our lives.