5 Ways Change Can Usher You Into Your Purpose- Part 1

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November 19, 2018
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November 22, 2018

5 Ways Change Can Usher You Into Your Purpose- Part 1



he crucible of change does have its own benefits in the end. In the series, we have seen that there are three types of change that we face on in life:

  1. Change that we respond to
  2. Change that we react to
  3. Change that we create ourselves

Whatever the case might be, change could be a powerful vehicle that could usher you into your purpose. It is through the throes of change that one’s mind and spirit are made sharp and receptive to the call of purpose. That is why I have said elsewhere that a deliverer is almost always acquainted with the pain of those he is sent to deliver, but I am going ahead of myself.

The Need For Change

Part of the reason as to why change is inevitable is that creation was never complete in itself. If anything, smack in the middle of man’s purpose on earth is the subject of  change. We are supposed to take what is raw and turn it into something that is productive. Believe it or not, the potential to have smartphones and aeroplanes was there centuries ago. I mean, it could have happened through earlier generations. What brought all the developments that we see in the world today is nothing else but change. What will cause us more development is also nothing else but change. I have already posited elsewhere that I believe that the next biggest dispensation that is coming is the age of purpose. And guess what? Change is smack in the middle of it!

In other words,[ictt-tweet-inline] if you and I will not embrace change, chances are that we will be missing out on our chance to either get introduced to our purpose or refine it to even make it sharper.[/ictt-tweet-inline]

How Change Bridges You To Your Purpose

I have gone through very many changes in life. For the most part some of the changes I went through were the dreaded ones. You see change coming from afar and you just know that your life is going to be turned upside down. No matter how much you try to rebuke it away, it still does come. We have already seen that there are different reasons why we do not want change, and we shall expound on that elsewhere. However, all the changes I have gone through, whether they were bad or good, they never left me the same. If you are keen though and if you are hungry for it, change will usher you directly into your purpose. Let us look at one of the ways that this is done:

  1. Change Forces You To Develop Your Potential

What do you do when you are stripped of all that you seemingly own? What do you do when all that you have amassed that made you fee like you are somebody is taken away from you? I will never forget reading a very powerful illustration of what potential is, especially in the wake of adversity.

“Dr. G. Campbell Morgan tells of a man whose shop had been burned in the great Chicago fire. He arrived at the ruins the next morning carrying a table. He set it up amid the charred debris and above it placed this optimistic sign, “Everything lost except wife, children, and hope. Business will be resumed as usual tomorrow morning.”

Potential Is All There is

Curiously, before, during and after any change, there is always one constant: Potential. You can take things away from people but as long as potential is still there, they will rise up again. Potential is the indicator that you are a person of purpose. Your purpose is  connected to your potential. When change happens, it forces you to look at “what you have in your hands”, and for the most part it is your potential.

The Illusion of Adversity and Change

For the most part, whenever change comes, especially when we have not fronted it, there is this illusion that we will be robbed of all that we had. If you lost a job for example, the illusion is that your life will now have a downward spiral, seeing that you do not have a source of income. Well, let’s not hide ourselves from reality…but at the end of the day, let’s also not shield ourselves from this wisdom: We have not lost everything through change.

We still do have potential. The greatest key that we can have whenever we feel that we have lost something through change is the key of resourcefulness. You cannot be resourceful if you do not recognize your potential. In other words, life might need some adjustments to make in order for you to eke a living, but that does not negate the fact that you still do have potential.

Cultivate it

Yes, you have to put food on the table. Yes you have to pay some bills. However you cannot get lost in there. At every opportunity you have, you are now forced to cultivate all that there is inside of you, seeing that you are being deprived of life as it were. Let me be as controversial as it gets. At times, change is forced on you so that it can remove all the distractions that you have been “crutching” on in life in order that you can focus on your potential and your purpose. In other words, for as long as life is sizzling, your bread is buttered and your smartphone charged with airtime and data, you are carefree as far as your potential and purpose are concerned. Then comes change and now you are forced to focus on your potential life your life depended on it. It does.

From Change To Purpose Through Potential

Later on as life progresses, you realize that the change was one of the most important things that happened to you. It forced you to start focusing on your potential and as you did, your were ushered smack in the middle of what your purpose is. Friends, that’s one major benefit of change. Next time you are deep within adversity and change, try to reflect and look at it from the angle of potential and from the angle of purpose. It just might make sense.