5 Ways Change Can Usher You Into Your Purpose- Part 4

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November 26, 2018
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November 28, 2018

5 Ways Change Can Usher You Into Your Purpose- Part 4


urpose is necessarily something that benefits others more than it benefits you. What you get from purpose is fulfillment. What others get from the deployment of your purpose is its impact on their lives. What you get from it is the benefit of personal growth and development, joy and the sense of significance that you were born to do something of value and you did it. Then comes change in your life either before you set your foot on the path of purpose or before you do so.

Effects of Change

Change has pretty much very many effects on our lives. Some of those effects are immediately negative and that is why we do not want to go through it. Nevertheless, later on, the impact that change has in our lives could be positive if we were patient enough to harness it. We have seen that the following things can happen when change takes place, and for each, we have seen that they can lead you to your purpose:

  1. Change forces you to develop your potential
  2. Change forces you to develop mental toughness
  3. Change heightens your spirituality and sensitivity

4. Change Creates Compassion in you

I have always said that purpose is driven by two major emotions: Anger and compassion. Those two emotions balance each other. Compassion is the pain that you feel for people that your purpose helps to alleviate. Anger is the emotion you feel for the perpetrators of whatever it is that is negatively affecting those that you have been sent to deliver.

Compassion Comes “From The Ground”

So if you are all OK and not going through any change, chances are that these two emotions will not necessarily catch up with you while you are playing golf or watching TV (nothing wrong with those). The point is that change, especially one that makes you identify with the problems of your audience will almost always create a level of understanding their pain. This creates in your a bout of compassion that propels you to reach out to your cove or treasure trove of purpose and do something about it.

Every Deliverer’s Badge

Each person that you can identify in life that has led a full life of purpose will almost always have operated from either anger or compassion. Sounds weird but it’s true. It was said of Jesus Christ, “The zeal for my house has consumed me”. That was immediately after he flogged people and chased them out of church. There will always be a balance between the zeal and compassion of a deliverer. Change is smack in the middle of making sure that the compassion is developed.

Connecting To Your Purpose

I need you to sit back and reflect a little bit. Can you remember a time where you went through change that affected you tremendously? Can you remember the helplessness you were in? Can you remember someone coming through for you? Do you remember ever promising yourself to do something in return for them or to find someone else who will be going through your challenge and help them out?

Reflect or Be keen

You see, when you are acquainted with pain, you have first hand experience and you are able to understand how it feels. Therefore, to be able to connect to your purpose, either be very keen when change comes and see what level of compassion is being placed in your heart, or think back and reflect of what happened and see what level of compassion was there in the first place.

Using Change To our Advantage

Having a different outlook for change can help us leverage its vast deposits of treasure that it brings. One of those treasures is the connection to our purpose. However, when we approach change from a fighting perspective, we tend to lose what positives that it comes with. Napoleon Hill said that every adversity comes with it a seed of equal or ever greater benefit. Next time change is in the offing, try to look at it from the angle of getting you closer to what your purpose in life is.

In order to do that, you need to gauge your level of emotions. The raw emotions that come out of you when going through change would probably never come to the fore without the change taking place. So be keen to curate those emotions. They are not useless. You life has been rid, probably, of the clutter that covers it and now it is nearly authentic. Those emotions are not useless. The compassion that comes out is not useless. The anger that ensues is also not useless. If you and I are keen enough, we could use the changes that we go through in life to ever get closer to our purpose.

We shall continue with these thoughts in the next article.